5 Easy Ways to Take More Initiative In the Workplace


What do people who take initiative in the workplace know that others don’t? They know how to get noticed by management, they know how to cultivate a path to career advancement, and they know how to lead more gratifying lives – both in the professional world and once they leave the office behind. Knowing how… Read more »

3 Tips for Busting Through a Slump in Motivation at Work


In a perfect world, we would all head to work every day full of excitement and motivation for the day ahead. The reality is that no matter how much you might enjoy your career, there are times when motivation is lacking. Sometimes it’s a bit of professional burnout behind the slump; other times, it might… Read more »

5 Things That Will REALLY Make Your Welder Resume Stand Out


Make Your Welding Resume Stand Out

Although it may seem that welders only do one thing — welding, of course — the occupation is broad enough to require a significant degree of specificity when writing a resume. No surprise then why welder resumes can cover a wide range of tasks across different fields, such as sheet metal working, demolitions, and shipyards…. Read more »