How to Fire an Employee the Right Way

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How to Fire an Employee the Right Way

How to Fire Employee the Right Way

Letting go of an employee remains one of the most difficult aspects of being a manager in the business world. It is an unfortunate event that needs to be handled with professionalism and a clear mind. Anything less risks the reputation of your company and may end up causing legal issues down the road.

What follows are some ideas and insights on how to fire an employee the right way. Hopefully, you won’t have to refer to them too often, but it’s better to make sure this rare situation is dealt with correctly.

Be Deliberate in Your Decision

Don’t base a decision to fire an employee on an emotional reaction. Analyze everything related to the situation, including your company’s policies and the disciplinary record of the worker. Make sure whatever the employee did is truly a termination-worthy offense before handing out the pink slip.

Respect the Disciplinary Process

Your organization needs to follow a well-formulated process when it comes to employee discipline. Any decision to terminate an employee needs to be the last step in that process. The only exception to this rule involves one of your workers violating a zero-tolerance policy.

At the same time, make sure every part of the disciplinary process gets documented in writing. It offers protection to your business, as well as highlighting the use of progressive discipline with the employee in question.

This Is No Time for an Argument

If the terminated employee is angry, don’t be tempted to argue with them about what led to their firing. Be sure to take the high road. While you can discuss the situation with the employee, keep things short and to the point.

An “Offboarding” Process Is Also Needed

Your company needs a formal process to handle everything associated with employee termination – returning company property, expiration of benefits, the date of their final paycheck, and more. While uncomfortable, this aspect of firing an employee needs to be dealt with quickly and professionally.

The Advantages of Working with a Staffing Agency

One major advantage of using contract workers from a staffing agency is they can simply let go of a poor employee for you. This saves you the time spent following a formal disciplinary process. It’s a point worth considering when you formulate your organization’s staffing plan.

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