Why Top Notch Personnel?

Work for a company that values your contributions.


Why settle for just any job when you can choose an opportunity that is uniquely suited to you. Top Notch Personnel is a staffing and recruiting firm based in Wichita, KS that specializes in helping job seekers throughout the area find the ideal opportunity.

You work hard. Don’t you deserve a job where you are valued and appreciated?

The right job is about more just matching skills to job requirements. It also requires learning about the kinds of job environments you will thrive in and asking the right questions to make sure an employer and position is the right match.

Industries We Serve:

  • Aircraft 
  • Construction 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Call Center 

Top Notch Personnel: Our Name Says It All

Top Notch Personnel is what we provide to employers – talented people like you! That’s why our recruiters put a lot of time and effort into making sure we have the right people with the skills, experience and work with our employer partners expect. Once we’ve found the right people, we treat you with the respect you deserve. 

At Top Notch Personnel, you’ll be treated as an individual, not just a number. When you call our construction recruiters, manufacturing recruiters, aircraft recruiters or call center recruiters, they know who you are and are invested in helping you succeed. 

Our Recruiters Put You First 

For our recruiters, our candidates and employees are our top priority. Our specialized recruiters understand their specific careers and how to match your skillset to the ideal job. Whether you work with a construction recruiter, manufacturing recruiter, aircraft recruiter or call center recruiter, you’ll know you’re working with someone who is an expert in the Wichita, KS job market and your specific field.  

Best of all, you get the advantage of our long-lasting client partnerships. We know who’s hiring and which companies are great places to work. 

Our Employee Benefits

A great job is only the beginning. Benefits are what makes a job worth staying for. It’s insurance that to keep you healthy, pay you can depend on and advice that can help you make a great impression on an interview and plan a successful career. 

Ready to work for a company that values you?

Some staffing and recruiting firms put their clients first. At Top Notch, we are equally focused on you. We cannot succeed unless you are happy with your job and we believe that benefits are part of that equation. 

 That’s why qualified employees are eligible to receive benefits including: 

Weekly Paychecks

Direct Deposit

Career Counseling

Health Insurance

Vision & Dental Insurance

Vacation or Holiday Pay

Contact Our Recruiters Today to Find a Job in Wichita, KS

Our construction recruiters, manufacturing recruiters, aircraft recruiters or call center recruiters, are here for you when you’re ready to take on your next challenge. Reach out today and put us to work for you. 

Jobs We Recruit For Include:

  • Aircraft Jobs 
  • Call Center Jobs 
  • Construction Jobs 
  • Manufacturing Jobs 

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