Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

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How much do staffing services at Top Notch cost?

Our services are contingent upon hire and no charge is rendered until the right applicant is found. Also, our staffing solutions are specifically tailored to our client’s needs and expectations. Therefore, the costs of services rendered can vary significantly.

Where are you located?

We are proud to be one of the premier staffing agencies in Wichita, Kansas.

Which industries do your recruiters specialize in?

We have deep roots in the industries in and around Wichita. This helps us to understand the nuances and cycles related to doing business in our region. In order to provide the best service possible, we specialize in four key industries.


Construction crews must function like well-oiled machines, and achieving this often comes down to having the right mix of abilities and personalities. We understand how difficult this can be and we use our years of experience providing construction staffing services in Wichita to provide the best-fit candidates to our clients. We have helped construction companies of many different sizes fill their immediate talent needs and develop long-term labor strategies.


We know it can be hard for local manufacturers to find good workers, especially in a tight labor market. That’s why we work hard to build a large pool of manufacturing talent. When a local company needs additional staff for its production operation, they often turn to us as a leading manufacturing staffing agency in Wichita. Whether your company is looking for someone with specialized skills or a front-line employee for the production line, you can count on Top Notch Personnel to quickly meet your needs.

Our recruiters will come to your production facility to assess your need and start developing a custom talent solution. Our Kansas staffing agency recruiters understand the nuances of manufacturing and can help your company optimize production with a right-sized workforce solution.


We are proud to be in a city with such a strong tradition of aviation, and we also take pride in helping to continue that tradition. Many of the largest local companies have turned to us as a primary provider of aircraft staffing services in Wichita. We have worked with these companies to navigate the unique cyclical nature of the aviation industry with custom, flexible solutions. As a top Kansas staffing agency, we have also helped emerging companies scale up operations as they look to take advantage of market opportunities.

Call Center

Being a customer relations professional isn’t easy. The most successful people in these roles have the right mix of competency and temperament. Our pool of customer relations professionals is full of people who know how to make great first impressions and provide effective service. Our recruiters pride themselves on finding these uniquely talented people and connecting them to our clients. As a top call center staffing agency in Wichita, we provide all kinds of bespoke staffing solutions, including high-volume solutions for companies that need them.

What types of jobs does Top Notch recruit for?
We offer temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire services that organizations can combine to meet their talent needs.
What if I am not satisfied with an employee placed by Top Notch?
Our success or failure is directly linked to the success or failure of our staffing services. If you are not satisfied with the employee we’ve provided, we will quickly identify and evaluate potential replacements for the position. On a larger scale, our job is to minimize the effects of turnover on your business so your staff can focus on delivering value to your customers.
Why should I work with a Kansas Staffing Agency like Top Notch instead of filling the position on my own?

If you’re suddenly short-staffed, your deadlines and customer expectations don’t adjust accordingly. When you partner with Top Notch, your organization instantly gains access to a massive pool of potential candidates and a staff of highly experienced recruiters. These key assets allow us to quickly provide the best-fit talent so our clients can continue to meet their business goals. We also help with long-term planning that can right-size labor costs across your entire business calendar. While your company could go it alone, it would be doing so with your in-house talent network and expertise.

We understand that some local company leaders are skeptical about partnering with a staffing agency. That’s why we make our talent acquisition processes fully transparent. We also maintain regular communication to keep our clients at ease.

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What kinds of screening and background checks does Top Notch provide?
We validate each candidate in accordance with Kansas labor laws for our clients, regardless of the position for which they’re being hired. This includes background checks and drug testing at our facility. When you partner with Top Notch, you can trust that we’ll provide thoroughly vetted candidates.

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