How to Build a Personal Brand to Make Your Job Search More Effective

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How to Build a Personal Brand to Make Your Job Search More Effective

Personal Brand

For job searchers, the primary goal is to put themselves on the job market and find a good position to jumpstart or revitalize their career.

This, however, is much easier said than done, especially if you’re not sure about where to start. For better or worse, several companies today demand a high level of experience and performance, even from entry-level employees.

One way to stand out from the sea of people you’re competing against on the job market is to make a good impression through personal branding. Below are 4 ways to leverage personal branding strategies, which should also explain how it works.

Be Authentic, But Filter Yourself

Similar to how you would brand a business, branding your personal identity requires meeting a set of positive standards. These include, among many others, a strong work ethic, initiative, creativity, professionalism, loyalty, and commitment.

At the same time, however, you also want to stand out by having a unique personality. After all, no one wants to work  with a robot with no life or personality. That being said, don’t be afraid to be yourself. But be sure to exercise good judgment when displaying your personality traits—it’s one thing to be unique, and another to be off-putting.

Don’t Be Shy to Talk About Your Accomplishments

Don’t be embarrassed to bring attention to your accomplishments. For example, when writing your work experience in your resume, be sure to quantify your accomplishments, writing something like, “Increased quarterly sales to an all time high in Q4 2014.”

If you’re a fresh grad, you can mention your responsibilities in the organizations you were a member of. And again, don’t be afraid to take credit where it’s due.

Develop an Online Presence

Credibility is another factor that hiring managers and employment agencies look at before recruiting an employee. One way of establishing credibility is by building an online presence that shows your skills in your niche/industry. Online articles and interviews are just a few of things you should include in your portfolio to show your online presence.

Besides rattling off your accomplishment, it helps to be an active member of online groups and communities. LinkedIn is a great place to start for professionals who want to participate in discussions about their profession and industry.

Network and Network Well

Beyond participating in online groups, it’s also important to be active in communities in the real world. Whether it’s by joining networking events, talking to your college professors about referrals, or by being an active member of a local organization or club, knowing the right people can be critical for building your personal brand. It will sound like a platitude, but it’s hard to deny that when looking for a job, it’s often about who you know, and not what. 

Personal branding is something that takes time and patience, but if you’re consistent, the seeds you plant today should help develop a thriving career in the future. For more job search guides and insights, talk to the hiring specialists of Top Notch Personnel. Find out how we can be of service by contacting us today.

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