4 Telltale Signs of Overworked Managers

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4 Telltale Signs of Overworked Managers

Overworked Manager


In many ways, being a manager is a lot more stressful than being a regular employee. Sure, you get a pay increase, but the hours are often longer, not to mention your responsibilities are on a much higher level than the employees you’re in charge of.

It’s no surprise then why managers are prone to stress and being overworked. Watch out for these classic burnout signs to nip the problem in the bud.

  1. You’re Not Taking Breaks

Do you find yourself just wolfing down your lunch at your desk as you go through spreadsheets and reports? The fear of taking breaks or leaving your office because you want to be accessible is a classic sign you’re work-life balance is off. Use your breaks whenever you can. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to eat and clear your head, which will help you get back to work feeling refreshed.

  1. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you’re burning through the week averaging just 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night, you need to work on restoring your work-life balance. Avoid bringing your work home with you, respond to work-related emails during office hours, and detach yourself from your phone whenever you can. If you’re always feeling tired at work, you probably need more sleep.

  1. You’re Forgetting Deadlines and Tasks

Constantly forgetting project deadlines and tasks can be a sign that you have too much on your plate or need help organizing it. And when you’re constantly under stress, expect it to take a toll on your memory and ability to concentrate. You either delegate tasks or get someone (an assistant or secretary, for example) who can take care of the little details for you.

  1. You Don’t Like Your Job Anymore

Do you still remember the thrill of being promoted to your first management role? If you’re finding it difficult to focus on what brought you to the job, it’s likely that you need to take a break, slow down, and try to add an element of excitement to your daily agenda. Go back to engaging your employees and talking about their little success stories. Find ways for them to acquire new skills and experience through workshops or mini-training sessions.

As much as we’d like to get home after working 8 hours a day, lounge a few hours, and fall asleep by 10 PM, that’s just not the reality many managers live in. But if you can’t find work-life balance, expect your job satisfaction to plummet.

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