4 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Their Employees Every Day

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4 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Their Employees Every Day

Great Leaders Inspire Their Employees


The saying that “People quit their bosses, not their jobs,” is indicative of the changing needs of today’s workforce. As more employees draw personal satisfaction from feeling heard and being an important part of an organization, leaders need to find creative ways to inspire their people and let them know that they’re valued assets.

You need to step back from traditional methods of leadership, which have become predictable and boring. Instead, try the methods listed below.

  1. Root for Your Team

Oftentimes, the difference between an employee who’s motivated and someone who’s not is confidence. Employees who aren’t doing as well as they should may have a lack of confidence in their abilities, or simply don’t know their true potential.

A great leader brings out the best in his team by sharing what he sees they’re capable of doing. In turn, your vision of employees reaching their goals and doing their best worker will help build their confidence and improve their performance.

  1. Lead by Example

When was the last time a leader inspired you while he was holed up in his office all day? That’s right — it doesn’t happen. Great leaders make themselves visible by getting into the thick of things and joining the team in completing tasks. Not only does this approach show your team that you’re the boss and a contributing member, it also helps you appreciate just what your employees go through on a daily basis. If anything, it helps you understand and respect what your team does.

  1. Trust Your Team

Micromanagers are the bane of many employees. Overbearing and controlling bosses make people feel small, incompetent, and useless by constantly chipping away at whatever self-confidence they have left.

While it may seem counterintuitive, you need to step back and leave your employees alone from time to time. First, it shows your team that you trust them. Second, it motivates them to repay that trust by doing a good job. Top performing employees want to have breathing room to be at their best, all the while knowing that whoever’s on top has their backs.

  1. Go Beyond Recognition — Show Respect

Beyond praise and appreciation, make sure that you show respect and genuine admiration for the hard work your employees do for the team. But you also need to create a working environment wherein respect is earned. Far too many people rely only on their own selves and believe their needs come before those of others; these are attitudes that not only put their individual careers in danger but also limit the organization’s ability to grow. You need to re-train employees to understand the value of respect, leading the way and showing them how it’s earned.

Inspiring leaders blend these 4 approaches into their daily routine, making it a part of their leadership style and personal habits.  For more workforce management insights, talk to the staffing specialists of Top Notch Personnel. We provide consultation services to organizations needing assistance with staff management.

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