How to Ace Your Welder Interview: 5 Tips for Success

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How to Ace Your Welder Interview: 5 Tips for Success

How to Ace Your Welder Interview


After all the hard work, heat and rigorous training – congratulations! – you’re finally a welder. Well, not really. You still need to be paid to do some actual welding to be considered a pro. And that means having to look for job opportunities.

As with any other job, welder interviews are intimidating and take preparation, guts and a few tips to get you ready. Below are a few tricks to set yourself up for success.


  1. Know the Company

Do some research beforehand. It pays to know basic details like the location of the company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities, the company’s main product or service, and even the news surrounding the company as of late. Employers want a welder who knows exactly what they’re getting into because it shows genuine commitment, which results in efficient work.


  1. Understand the Company Culture

Doing your research, however, is worth more than just impressing your potential superiors. If, in the course of your research, you find that employees have been treated poorly by the company, or working conditions for workers are poor, you’ll be glad you did your homework before anything else.

Company culture goes a long way towards making sure you can fit in with a company.


  1. Look Ready, Be Ready

You probably won’t have to wear a suit and tie to work once you get the job, and that won’t be asked of you for your job interview either.

Welder interviews don’t get portrayed much in movies and the like, so the expected attire for one is understandably mysterious. Most employers are ok with you coming to an interview in jeans and work boots, as long as they are presentable and paired with a long-sleeve shirt.


  1. Prepare for a Test

Looking ready isn’t only about what you wear, but also about what you could be asked to wear. Welding tests are entirely common – especially for those who have had no prior experience working as a welder. You’ll want to bring your welding jacket, helmet, and gloves should a demonstration be asked of you. Pack these in a bag, and you should be ready to go.


  1. Have a Winning Attitude

Attitude is key. First, do not speak ill of your previous employers. Not only is it unprofessional, it shows you may badmouth your potential employer too should things go awry. Refrain from self-serving questions about pay and benefits, and instead ask about the company and how you could excel as an employee.

For more job search tips for welders, be sure to check back on this blog. If your search needs a nudge in the right direction, let the staffing specialists of Top Notch Personnel connect you with our local pool of employers.


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