5 Things That Will REALLY Make Your Welder Resume Stand Out

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Make Your Welding Resume Stand Out
5 Things That Will REALLY Make Your Welder Resume Stand Out

Although it may seem that welders only do one thing — welding, of course — the occupation is broad enough to require a significant degree of specificity when writing a resume. No surprise then why welder resumes can cover a wide range of tasks across different fields, such as sheet metal working, demolitions, and shipyards.

In this post, we go over the different ways to give your welder resume proper structure, the better to make it stand out when applying for welding positions.


Start with a Strong Summary

A summary should give readers a quick snapshot of your experience, expertise, and knowledge. Be sure to include your proficiencies, specializations, and auxiliary skills that can make you more marketable to potential employers. One to two sentences should be enough for this area.


Be Specific and Offer Details

Welding is more complicated that most people give it credit for. When applying for jobs, your resume has to answer basic questions hiring managers and recruiters might have about your skills and experience.

This raises the importance of including the specifics of the kind of work you’ve handled in the past and even the kind of materials you have experience with. It’s also a good idea to include the kind of conditions you’ve worked in, whether it’s tall buildings, ships at sea, or oil rigs.


Include Your Responsibilities

A welder resume must contain all your previous responsibilities throughout your work experience. Things like having the knowledge and ability to maintain your equipment helps to demonstrate your value as a candidate, making you a more attractive hire to employers. It also helps to include your expertise with the safety aspects of welding.


Education and Training

At the very least, hiring managers and recruiters expect a welder resume to include the following information about your education and training:

  • A high school diploma or any equivalent
  • Training at a technical/vocational school

If you took up any short courses as part of your trade school program, don’t be afraid to include this in your resume. Even if a course doesn’t look relevant, listing it down gives potential employers a clear picture of your background. Aside from training, be sure to include where you did your apprenticeship.


Putting Everything Together

So, now that you know what necessities to include in your resume, now it’s time to put everything together using this structure:

  • Your Name;
  • Address and contact information;
  • A profile/summary – One to two sentences introducing your experience, expertise, and training;
  • Highlights – Your resume’s strongest points or things you feel the hiring manager needs to know about you;
  • Experience – Again, be specific and include your responsibilities;
  • Education – Include your high school education and short courses taken;
  • Affiliation – Include any affiliations you have with welder’s organizations and the like; and
  • Certifications – Include any certifications relevant to welding.

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