Don’t Make These 4 Body Language Mistakes in Your Next Interview

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Body Language Mistakes
Don’t Make These 4 Body Language Mistakes in Your Next Interview

You’ve memorized your elevator pitch down to the last word, you know how to present your strengths and downplay your weaknesses, and you’ve even rehearsed your answer to the inevitable “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question.

What could go wrong?

Have you given any thought to your body language? Your mannerisms can go a long way towards being considered for a job or not. According to a Harris Poll survey commissioned by Career Builder, 51 percent of hiring managers know with the first 5 minutes of the interview if a candidate is a good fit for the position.

Not surprisingly, body language is a major factor in this decision-making process. With that being said, make sure you avoid these 4 costly body language mistakes in your next interview.


  1. The Wrong Handshake

When it comes to handshakes, you want your grip to be firm — not crushing, and definitely not limp. Aside from being painful, a grip that’s too strong makes you seem aggressive and hostile to the interviewer. A limp handshake, on the other hand, makes you appear weak and shows you lack confidence.


  1. Excessive Gesticulating

Gesticulating, or talking with your hands, is natural and even a good thing if you want to emphasize talking points in an interview. Too much of it, however, is distracting and takes the interviewer’s attention away from what you’re saying. Avoid any wild hand gestures and you should be fine.


  1. Crossing Your Arms

Hiring managers and recruiters from employment agencies often see crossed arms as a sign that you’re not interested in what they have to say. It can also be seen as a defensive or aggressive gesture, signifying your opposition to their ideas. If you want to appear open and approachable, avoid crossing your arms in an interview.


  1. Not Making Eye Contact

For some reason or the other, many people have a problem making eye contact when talking to people.This often shows a lack of interest, especially when the hiring manager is talking to you. It can also signify a lack of confidence, which can be a discouraging sign if the position involves interacting with customers. While you don’t want to stare, making eye contact while listening shows you’re part of the conversation.


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