3 Things You Need to Do Right After Your Job Interview

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3 Things You Need to Do Right After Your Job Interview

So, you’re done with your interview. You did your best, said what you had to say and spoke about your accomplishments. You’re thrilled, nervous and all the more full of hope and energy for what’s to come.

That’s great, but there’s still so much left to do even after a successful interview. Don’t let your momentum go to waste and start working on the following.


Study the Process

Getting a job doesn’t start or end with an interview. A lot goes on even after sitting down with your potential employer that doesn’t involve idling by the phone. What comes next is unique in every situation, not to mention employer, and can’t be tied down to any single piece of advice.

Your best bet? Learn what to expect in the recruitment process.

Who should initiate post-interview contact? Would it be too persistent to follow up on the phone every day? An article like this won’t answer all these questions, so be sure to do your own research, starting right now.


Keep Hunting

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

Those words from Steve Jobs couldn’t be more applicable to you at this point. No matter how well you think you did, your potential employers might not be all that impressed with your credentials and history. No matter how impressive you think your resume is, there will always be someone with better things to say about themselves.

You can’t stay idle or overconfident, and you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Who knows? You may be meant for greater things, but settling for that one position you think you really want may keep you from your full potential.


Prepare a Thank You Note

Writing a post-interview thank you note isn’t as simple as saying “Thank you for your time.” Millions of other people are just as capable of writing that basic a note – more than half probably don’t do a good job of standing out.

Write a note with character, enthusiasm, and just the right amount of confidence. To do this, you’re going to want to prepare beforehand.

Take note of salient points in your interview that may be worth briefly touching on or mentioning. These could, for all you know, be exactly what they’re looking for and a clear sign of attentiveness. This also tells them that your commitment is genuine – so much so that it begins in the interview stage.

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