How to Sabotage Your Next Interview: Say These 8 Things

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How to Sabotage Your Next Interview: Say These 8 Things

Don't Say These Things at Work


With the pressure and stress that comes with a job interview, hiring managers all but expect candidates to make small mistakes here and there. The more time you spend looking for a job, the more likely you’re going to say something that’s a little odd or maybe off-topic during an interview. For the most part, these mistakes are relatively harmless.

Still, you should watch out for a number of specific interview faux pas all but guaranteed to disqualify you from consideration for a position. Here are 8 such mistakes.


  1. “I was a [INSERT LIE] at my old job”

A little exaggeration of your role in your previous employer won’t hurt your interview. But throwing in a huge lie about your position, a promotion, or events that never happened is a no-no. Remember, hiring managers will corroborate any significant claims you make in an interview, so the last thing you want is to be spotted as a liar.


  1. “You look good in that dress.”

 Whether you’re talking to a male or female hiring managers, inappropriate comments like these can be considered as sexual harassment.


  1. “What is it that you guys do here again?”

This question only shows that you never bothered to do your homework about the company and the position. Don’t be surprised if the hiring manager won’t take you seriously too.


  1. “I’ve been waiting outside forever.”

 Even if you did end up waiting for more than a few minutes in the lobby, complaining to a hiring manager (or even the secretary) is a red flag. Remember to always be courteous.


  1. Dropping the “F,” “S,” or “B” bomb

Sure, everyone curses. But you still want to hold off on the profanity during a job interview, even if the hiring manager does it first. Better to be safe than sorry, even in a very relaxed company that’s fine with swearing.


  1. “This company was not actually my first choice.”

Don’t expect the hiring manager to make you their first choice either.


  1. “Can we wrap this up now?”

 You don’t get to decide when the interview ends. So, don’t even think about trying to get the interview to wrap up the interview—that’s just bad manners.


  1. “My last boss was a jerk.”

 Even if they were, you don’t want to badmouth anyone in your previous company in front of the hiring manager. Again, it’s bad manners.


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