5 Heartfelt Ways to Express Your Appreciation to Employees

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5 Heartfelt Ways to Express Your Appreciation to Employees

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Any smart business owner and manager knows that keeping great employees is more efficient and affordable than hiring and training new people. To do that, you need to make sure your employees feel engaged and motivated to work hard.

In turn, this means going out of your way to express your appreciation to your staff. In fact, one study found that 81% of employees were more motivated to work harder and stay longer with a company if their boss made them feel appreciated.

With the holidays fast approaching, you have the perfect opportunity to express your appreciation this season of thanks. Keep reading to get some ideas.


Invite Employees to Your Home

A great way to make your employees feel appreciated is to invite them to your home for a Thanksgiving or Christmas get-together. Aside from breaking bread with your employees, opening up your home to them is a simple way of showing that you trust them enough to reveal a part of your personal life.


Offer Additional Time Off

Allowing employees to get extra time off around the holidays can be a great way to thank them for all the hard work they put in throughout the year. It can be something as simple as ending the work day 30 minutes early, giving them an extra 30 minutes during lunch, or offering paid vacation time.


Invest in Comfortable Work Spaces

The holidays are a great time to make improvements to the office. Things like installing new lighting, wall-to-wall carpet, ergonomic workstations, or adding new computer equipment all make work life more comfortable. Your employees will also see this as your company’s way of investing in their well-being and productivity.

And while you’re at it, why not decorate common areas with holiday décor?


Give Small Gifts

Giving everyone a raise is probably unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your staff with small but meaningful indulgences. If you have an employee who just moved into a new home, why not give a gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond? Likewise, Amazon gift cards would make sweet gifts to workers come Black Friday. Try to make your gifts as personalized as possible to ensure your recipients enjoy them.


Just Say “Thank You”

Although it should never be the only thing you do show your appreciation, verbalizing your gratitude is still an important way to make employees feel valued and important. The more specific you are in expressing your thanks (i.e. citing specific times you contributed to the company’s growth) the more they will appreciate it.

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