Connections, Connections! Sometimes It’s All About Who You Know

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Connections, Connections! Sometimes It’s All About Who You Know

Have you ever wondered why finding a job can be so difficult, even when you have all of the right qualifications? Sometimes, landing the perfect position is less about resume strength and more about connections. In fact, 70% of all people hired in 2016 were considered because they had a connection.

When you are in the middle of a job search, career networking should become a strong part of your daily routine. Professional networking involves using personal, professional, educational, or familial connections to gain assistance with your job search.

Perhaps you know someone who knows someone else who knows someone else who owns a business with a wonderful job for you. Maybe your connection can even schedule an interview! This is, essentially, how networking functions.

Many times, staffing agencies serve as the best go-to connections, pairing you with companies and professional contacts you never would’ve crossed before.

Whether you choose a staffing agency or your own personal network, here are three ways that connections can give you a distinct advantage:



Whether you’ve just graduated from college or you’ve been in your industry for more than a decade, everyone can use some guidance.

Your professional network can provide such guidance, sharing necessary information about the local economy, the success of your industry, and popular companies to explore.

Not sure how to access a local network? Consider attending networking events, building a profile on LinkedIn, or getting in touch with a nearby staffing agency. Recruiters at these agencies are filled with guidance, support, and useful information about businesses in your community.


Better and Faster Opportunities

A well-maintained network can lead to opportunities you never considered possible.

When you learn about an open position through a connection, you often have inside knowledge before the job is posted online. Indeed, a recent study showed that employees hired through referral are actually hired 55% faster than their counterparts.

Aside from the speed, you’ll also encounter bigger and better opportunities than ever before. Why? Because your network is able to sift through quantity to find quality.


Support and Resources

In addition to job opportunities, your network may offer information about volunteer work, hobbies, or techniques related to your industry. You’ll have a strong support system, prepared to help you through challenges and celebrate your success.

It’s important to remember, however, that connections and referrals go both ways. You must reciprocate the assistance when possible. For example, if you’ve recently learned about a position that doesn’t interest you personally, consider passing that information along to another connection who might be able to use it.

This is how communities are created.


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