Don’t Overstaff: How to Achieve Maximum Operational Efficiency

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Don’t Overstaff: How to Achieve Maximum Operational Efficiency

Finding the right employee balance can be tricky. You want to make sure you have a full-enough roster to make sure that all the necessary work and day-to-day work is covered. You also want to be able to have the ability to pull people in on new projects or people who are available to help during heavy labor or production times.

On the other hand, you don’t want to have a staff so large that you end up paying people to stand around because there’s not enough work to go around and your employees are bored. Here are some staffing tips to help you find balance.


  1. Remember Temporary Staffing

If your production ramps up around a certain time every year, consider working with an agency to bring on qualified temporary help that doesn’t tax your budget and can help contribute to both your operational efficiency and bottom line.


  1. Consider Part-Time Workers

Sometimes organizations have very specialized tasks that don’t require the time commitment of a full-time employee. Sometimes there are essential tasks that must get done every day, but don’t require a full 8-hour day to complete. Consider staffing qualified part-time help for situations like these. Not everyone needs to be full-time for your business and employees to benefit.


  1. Crosstrain

One way to make sure that everyone is always productive is to make sure that employees aren’t too specialized. While some jobs require 100% of someone’s time, attention, and specific talents, other people may be able to be pulled into different groups or departments for different projects after proper prep and training. This helps you utilize your existing talent during 100% of their work time.


Are your employee ratios right? Overstaffing can be stressful budget-minded and productivity-focused management as well as employees who want to contribute, but staffing without stress is possible. Top Notch Personnel will help you find the qualified employees who can contribute the skills you need so your business runs smoothly with less employee downtime. Reach out to our recruiters today!


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