Still Unemployed? Are You Making These Common Job Search Mistakes?

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Still Unemployed? Are You Making These Common Job Search Mistakes?

You’re unemployed. Your last job ended weeks ago, and you’ve been searching for a new position ever since. But you haven’t gotten a single bite on a job interview, let alone a job offer. You know you have what it takes to make valuable contributions to a company, so why are you still looking? You could be making these common job search mistakes.


Mistake #1 – Procrastination

Searching for a job is hard work! And even when it’s ‘easy’ it still requires work daily. It can be very tempting to slip into the frame of mind that has you saying, “I’ll apply after the weekend,” or “I’ll apply once I update my resume, again.” But the only advantage to delaying your job search is continued unemployment. The sooner you start the process of searching for a new job, the sooner you’ll be hearing from hiring managers and fielding job offers.

Fix: Start your job search as soon as you possibly can, after your last position ends.


Mistake #2 – Applying for Everything You See

You may be thinking that finding a job is little more than a numbers game: send out enough applications and something will stick. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. If you’re sending out dozens of applications daily, you aren’t able to dedicate time and effort into researching the company and the role for which you’re applying.

Fix: When you see something you like, do a little research into the company and create a specific application to suit the job you’re applying for. By editing your resume and cover letter to highlight how you best fit this particular position, you’ll get a greater response from fewer applications. Think job application quality, not quantity.


Mistake #3 – Relying Solely on Your Personal Network

Of course, networking can help you land a job, but it shouldn’t be your only course of action. Not every vacancy is publicly advertised. Between 70% – 80% of all available jobs are ‘hidden,’ in other words, you won’t find them advertised on job boards. It also means that to access these positions you’ll need to reach out to hiring managers beyond your immediate circle.

Fix: In addition to using your network of family, friends, and colleagues, also connect with hiring managers in your industry. Facebook, LinkedIn, and corporate websites can be a great resource for learning about current vacancies as well as HR department contacts.


Mistake #4 – Going It Alone

Independence and reliance are great things, but so is knowing when to ask for help. If your best efforts still aren’t getting you interviews, or if you’re getting interviews but can’t quite snag the job offer, it may be time to bring in a little help.

Fix: Consult books or websites from reputable sources and authors, and consider meeting face-to-face with a job search professional. Often a fresh set of eyes can pinpoint areas where we can improve, areas we cannot see ourselves.


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Happy job hunting!


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