3 Tips to Finding and Hiring the Best of Generation Z

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3 Tips to Finding and Hiring the Best of Generation Z

As creative problem-solvers, digitally savvy and competitive Gen Z employees could be your secret tool to business success. What’s more, given their comfort with technology, employers can consider training younger employees in soft skills for overall efficiency. Despite misgivings about their people-skills in general, Gen Z workers are actually able to pick up on things quickly and contribute directly to a company’s bottom line.

The benefits don’t stop there.

Not only do they successfully navigate workplace technology (including video calls, conferences and Skype meetings), but they also display independence in their job roles. What’s more, by learning their key traits, employers can use innovative strategies to hire, manage and retain the youngest demographic on their workforce.

The strategies described below can help employers attract, hire and manage the best Generation Z employees.


  1. Use a Mobile- Friendly Hiring Strategy

A mobile recruitment strategy is crucial as Generation Z employees look for jobs using their Smartphones. What’s more, bearing in mind the mobile format (and short attention spans), keep the job description and application process short, simple and engaging. Make it easy for applicants to upload documents and include short videos of your office – on Instagram, for example – to catch their attention.

  1. Take Career Growth into Consideration

While interviewing Generation Z employees, help them envision career growth and map out the road to an engaging employee experience. For example, it may be a good idea to provide insights into different job roles and ease of transition from one department to another.

  1. Mentor Rather Than Manage

Given that most millennials are achievement-oriented, employers should consider offering stability and support on a consistent basis. More often times than not, the best way to do this is by helping them understand long-term goals while providing opportunities for creativity at the same time.


Generation Z Employees Will Drive Future Growth

With their ambitious, competitive and do-it-yourself mentality, millennials can add substantial value to the company. What’s more, keeping them focused on projects directly related to company success helps keep them engaged in the long term. Similarly, providing regular feedback and mentoring keeps them interested, productive and loyal. By leveraging their strengths, abilities and expectations, employers can add a new dimension to multigenerational teams.

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