5 Ways to Build Strong Leadership Skills Even in Entry-Level Positions

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5 Ways to Build Strong Leadership Skills Even in Entry-Level Positions

Just because you haven’t made your way to the corner office doesn’t mean that cultivating leadership skills shouldn’t be on your radar. Regardless of your current role, even if you’ve just gotten your foot through the door, working to develop leadership skills today will serve you well into the future.


Leaderships skills are important, because you never know who’s watching and noticing your potential. But what if you’re in an entry-level position, without much opportunity for polishing and showing off your leadership potential? Not to worry, there are several ways you can work to continually build your leadership skills at every level.


Have Confidence in Your Abilities

Strong leaders never present themselves as having anything less than confidence of steel, even if they’re silently questioning themselves. People tend to look toward confident individuals to lead the way in challenging times.

Demonstrating that you’re confident in your own abilities automatically positions you as someone that can be trusted. Plus, employers are always impressed when a new team member walks in with confidence, they can handle the responsibilities of their new position.

But Ask for Help When You Need To

Confidence is great, but so is humility. Those who have successfully worked their way into leadership roles know you’ll need plenty of support on the way up. It’s ok if you aren’t sure how to most effectively handle a problem or develop a solution – as long as you recognize the need to ask for help.

Be a Thinker and a Doer

Leaders are doers, meaning they don’t sit back and let everyone else do the work. However, you shouldn’t take this to mean you always need to be one of the worker bees. Leaders also learn when to use their knowledge and experience to develop plans or solutions that others can put into motion.

Share Your Ideas

Individuals in entry-level positions are often afraid to speak up, thinking they simply lack the necessary experience to have anything of real value to contribute. Unfortunately, you’re doing both yourself and the company a disservice. Leaders speak up, so if you have an idea, especially one that could solve a problem in the workplace, don’t be afraid share it.

Build Professional Relationships

Those with great leadership skills always seem to have expansive networks. These networks are built through years of cultivation. Even if you’re new on the job, make an effort to start building professional relationships today.

Being in an entry-level position has certain advantages, one of the most important being that others will reach out to mentor you. Take advantage of these opportunities because these are the connections that will form the foundation of your professional network.


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