4 Ways to Avoid Scaring Off Employers with a Promising, Polished Resume

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4 Ways to Avoid Scaring Off Employers with a Promising, Polished Resume

This time of year Halloween has us on our toes, never knowing when the next spooky ghost or goblin is going to come jumping out from around the corner. We tend to expect the unexpected this time of year, but if there’s one place where the scare factor doesn’t belong, it’s your resume.

When you’re putting yourself into a job search, your resume is almost always the first impression you make. A potential employer is going to determine whether you deserve a chance for a face to face interview based on what they see there alone. If there’s something on your resume that sends chills up the spine of the hiring manager, it can easily land you in the “no” pile.

Creating a winning resume is easy enough, if you know what to avoid. Here are 4 ways to put together a resume that doesn’t scare off a prospective employer.

A Less Than Straight and Narrow Career Path

You’re not the first person in the history of the job search to not be entirely sure about which direction you want your career to take. The problem is that having a resume that highlights too many types of jobs can make it seem like you lack focus. It can also be equally concerning for an employer to notice you’ve taken significant demotions without working your way back up.

If possible, create your resume around your skills and work experience that pertains most directly to the position you’re applying for. This helps to cut some of the clutter and enables the hiring manager to see your potential to shine.

Gaps in Employment History

Although you might feel the need to explain gaps in detail, it really isn’t necessary to do so on your resume. Long-winded explanations on your resume make it seem like you have something to be ashamed of, and they distract the person reading it from the task at hand.

That said, an employer is likely to be curious about significant gaps, so mention how you’re reentering the workforce or looking for a career change after taking time off for schooling in your objective statement. If they want to know more, they’ll ask.

Generic Job Descriptions

The point of everything on your resume should be to demonstrate why you’re a great candidate for the job you’re applying for. Hiring managers are going to look at your past experience, but if you’ve been too generic or non-descript about your responsibilities in each position, it leaves them with too many unanswered questions. You don’t need to get overly wordy, but make sure you hit on the key responsibilities you held.

Grammatical Errors

Last, but certainly not least, take the time to spell and grammar check your resume before you send it off. Even better if someone else will look it over for you. Pay extra attention to company details and industry-related words when going over your resume with a fine-tooth comb.

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