Why Employers Should Always Follow Up with Candidates After an Interview

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Why Employers Should Always Follow Up with Candidates After an Interview

When candidates are actively looking for a new career opportunity, there is a lot of focus on the proper protocol, including what defines courtesy and professional behavior during the post-interview process. What is less often discussed, is the role of the interviewer in engaging with candidates after the interview.

How you choose to follow up with candidates after an interview speaks volumes your company and may even play a role in whether top candidates decide to accept your offer. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s important to follow up with each and every candidate after an interview.


Professional Courtesy of Not Leaving Them Guessing

From the candidate’s point of view, the waiting game can be excruciating – especially if they’re unsure about whether to reach out to you and follow up after the interview. Taking a few minutes out of your day to respond to each candidate by thanking them for their interest and time, while providing them a tentative timeline of your decision-making process will help put their mind at ease.


A Quick Answer Allows Candidates to Move On

Maybe you’re not entirely sure of your decision but after interviewing a few people, you know a certain candidate just isn’t a good fit for the position. The sooner you reach out and let that candidate know, the better. This professional courtesy allows them to move on to their next opportunity, and it also gives them the chance to ask questions as to what influenced your decision. Being honest with your answers can assist in candidates effectively assessing their career goals.


Word Gets Around

When candidates are considering new career opportunities, they’re going to check every resource they have available to determine if a company is worth their time and effort. Your process for interviewing, and whether or not you take the time to reach out post-interview is a detail that others are going to share on the enormous platform of the internet. By extending your candidates the professional courtesy of a follow-up, you’re helping to establish a positive reputation and positioning yourself as a company top candidates want to work for.


Follow-Ups Save Time

If you’re thinking that you just don’t have the time to follow up with every job candidate that walks through your door, stop and consider how much time you spend engaging with candidates that reach out to you first. An interested candidate is going to want to keep in touch during the decision process. Responding to these inquiries, whether it’s listening to a message or reading an email takes time. By being the one to initiate the follow-up, you’re actually saving yourself a lot of time.


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