The 10 Best Benefits of Working from Home  

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The 10 Best Benefits of Working from Home  

Over the course of the last decade, companies across the country are transitioning more and more key positions into remote, work-from-home contracts. While employers are making the shift to enjoy increased productivity and an expanded, more flexible hiring pool, remote employees are enjoying their own set of unique benefits.  

If you’re thinking about using our staffing service to land a remote position, but you are still somewhat on the fence, take a look at this list of the 10 most valuable benefits of working remotely:  

1. There’s No Commute   

The average round-trip commute in this country is about 50 minutes, and as many people can attest to, it can be a lot longer than that. Remote employees simply have more time in their day thanks to the lack of a commute.   

2. It’s Good for the Environment  

Every remote worker means one less car on the road, and the reduction in emissions can be significant.   

3. It Will Save You Money  

Between reduced gasoline costs and fewer miles on the family automobile, people who work from home are able to save a significant amount of money simply by not driving around as much.   

4. You Have More Control of Your Work Space 

Working in an office or tech center puts your workday at the mercy of someone else’s design. Your home office, on the other hand, can be customized to make it more comfortable and more conducive to quality work.  

5. Your Productivity May Go Up  

For employers and employees alike, the secret is out that working remotely can actually increase productivity.   

6. You Will Feel More Relaxed 

The ability to work from home or a workspace of your choosing is an immediate way to cut down on external stresses from things like traffic, fluorescent lighting, and uncontrollable workplace conditions.   

7. Work Schedules Are More Flexible  

Remote workers often have the ability to complete their tasks according to their own daily schedule, which can be helpful for workers with families.  

8. You Will Get Sick Less Often 

Not going into the office every day means not exposing yourself to the latest seasonal virus, or perhaps even something worse.   

9. Office Politics Aren’t Quite as Bad   

Sometimes, simply being at the workplace can expose you those stressful and unnecessary interactions that can derail your day. Working from home eliminates most unnecessary interactions.    

10. You Can Spend More Time Around Your Pet 

Finally, remote positions allow you to spend more time with Fido and eliminate the stress that can come with worrying about your pets when you’re at the office working overtime.  

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