7 Remote Light Industrial Jobs That Are Within Reach  

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7 Remote Light Industrial Jobs That Are Within Reach  

The Top 7 Light Industrial Jobs That Allow You to Work From Home  

More than ever, Americans are looking for remote working opportunities that will not only allow them to work from home, but also wages that are comparable to what they might be able to earn in an on-site position. Light industrial jobs are not the type of positions that you would think could be worked remotely, but modern technology has made it possible for a number of great jobs to switch to remote workers for the benefit of the organization and the employee alike.   

 As the experts in light industrial staffing, we’ve seen a more than a few of these positions pop up in recent months. If you’re looking for a remote light industrial job and other staffing services have not turned up anything useful, this guide should serve as an effective place to get started.    

1. Warehouse Inventory Coordinator  

With most inventory systems these days operating on advanced computer systems, there is hardly a single metric that cannot be tracked via remote access. Purchase orders, invoices, requisition requests, and more can be both sent and received from a remote workstation with real-time updated being made to inventory numbers like consumption rate, on-hand levels, and requisition orders.   

2. Productivity Engineers  

One effective way to turn that engineering degree into a lucrative and fulfilling remote position is by seeking out a position as a productivity engineer. In this position, you’ll be asked to utilize your best problem-solving skills to both identify and correct areas in which critical processes can be improved.  

3. Industrial Designer  

No matter what the size of the operation is or the type of product that is being manufactured, every light industrial company can benefit from the presence of a skilled industrial designer. At its core, the industrial design position is all about dreaming up the form, function, and features of a product before it heads into production.    

4. Industrial Sales Management   

Even the smaller manufacturing operations wouldn’t get very far without an effective sales department to bring the product to the people. While many sales positions still require some degree of on-site training and periodic travel, many of these positions are converting to remote operations that make nationwide or even global sales possible for even small operations.   

5. Operations Manager  

The process of design, production, storage, and shipping might be a momentous job at its core, but many light industrial producers are finding ways to reduce their on-site staff by offering remote management positions to the right candidate.   

 6. Logistics Buyer 

Consistent daily workflow is the name of the game no matter what kind of business you’re in, and a competent, forward-thing logistic buyer is the way to make it a reality. Buyers and Buying Managers can develop service partners, secure raw materials, and manage incoming shipments all from the comfort of a home office.  

7. Customer Service Representative  

No production process would be very effective if the workflow had to shut down every time a customer was calling in to request help with their order. A modern customer service department does not need to be located on-site in order to be effective; good communication between all departments is a requirement for making remote positions work.   

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