5 Apps to Improve Cybersecurity in Your Workplace

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5 Apps to Improve Cybersecurity in Your Workplace

Cybersecurity is a key component of running a successful business these days. Having a weak system in place can lead to large breaches in data and the leak of sensitive information to hackers. Ensuring your company’s most private and important information is kept secure can be a little easier if you utilize available technology. Here are five apps to help improve cybersecurity in your workplace.  

1. Aircrack-ng 

Aircrack-ng is a great tool for business owners. It is a suite of tools that helps identify weak passwords and other mishaps that can leave your network open to attack. The thing that sets Aircrack-ng apart from many of the other cybersecurity apps available currently is it is optimized to facilitate mobile devices. This means that if your employees are using their cell phones to conduct business, you can be sure it is secure as well.   

2. Entersoft Apps 

Entersoft has launched an app called Ensights that helps businesses specifically guard their apps against cyber attacks. The assessment tool can analyze and identify and loopholes in your security networks. App creators at Entersoft are known for developing tools that dive deep into the infrastructure of websites and programs to analyze the risk of cyber attack as well as review the site’s code for problems.  

3. Metasploit 

Metasploit is a scanning and discovery tool that helps identify issues within operating systems and apps. It is an open-source framework that scans your networks for vulnerability. When a vulnerability is detected, Metasploit can then be used to patch the system in place and re-secure the network.   

4. Nmap 

Nmap is short for network mapper. This app is a free tool that audits your current security measures and identifies current network errors. It scans to see what conversations are happening between IP addresses within a network. Nmap also detects remote devices being used, and can even determine the make and model of firewalls and router. Network administrators can use the app to see what ports are open and if they can be exploited in a simulated attack. It can also be used to manage service upgrades, which is also crucial to help improve cybersecurity in your workplace.  

5. Wireshark  

Wireshark is a user-friendly app that is used by several companies, both for-profit and non-profit, across various industries. It is quite possibly the most popular cybersecurity app around. The app provides a wide view of the conversations happening within a network. This gives admins the opportunity to identify suspicious or unusual activity on the server. Additionally, Wireshark allows you to download security data reports and review it at a later time as well.  

Invest Time and Money Into Cybersecurity 

All in all, it is of vital importance that your company invest some time and money into cybersecurity. If you do not have cybersecurity measures in place now, it may be worthwhile to consider adding a contract tech employee or IT department to your business to help you with these needs.  

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