5 Tips to Create a Strong Password for Work

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5 Tips to Create a Strong Password for Work

Creating a strong password seems like an impossible task at times. There is a long list of requirements you need to meet for a password to be accepted. Not to mention, the ever-growing list of passwords you have to remember is overwhelming. Having a strong passcode is important to ensure the safety of your information as well as the data of the company you work for though. Here are a few tips to help you create a strong password for work.  

1. Don’t Reuse Your Passwords  

The first and foremost important tip is to not reuse any old passwords when you are creating one for work or otherwise. When you use the same password across multiple sites and one of those sites is breached it opens more than one of your accounts to hacking attempts. Instead, try a variation on the password or consider mixing it up with one of the other ideas below.   

2. Use a Phrase   

Think of a phrase that is easy for you to remember or special to you in some way. Use that phrase as your password. For instance, if you are a literature fan, you may incorporate a line from Shakespeare like 2BOrnOt2b (to be or not to be). You could also pick a phrase that is more personal to you. Just be sure it is something you will remember when it comes time to enter it in.   

3. Find Common Elements to Use  

Another good thing to do when choosing a strong password for work is to choose common elements to include in each password but make them site-specific. For example, you may want to start each password with Pswd. Then you can make each more specific to the site you are using. Like if you were to log in to Amazon, the password would be Pswd_Amzn1@, and for Gmail, it would be Pswd_Gmail2! Having a variation on the same code can help you remember what your login information is but also make it difficult to guess.   

4. Add Emoticons  

Playing around with your keyboard is something you can do if you are really struggling with creating a strong password. Adding emoticons like :< or 🙂 can help make your passcode stronger. These are great to add in the middle or end of long, detailed passwords like Pswd4_aMzn2shOp98:(. If you have a favorite emoticon or special character, add it into your password. It will make it a little easier to remember while staying secure.    

5. Verify the Requirements of Your Employer  

Different employers will have different recommendations regarding password requirements. Review what your employer requires of your passcodes for work. Use these guidelines to help you create a strong password for work. If they require you to include special characters or numbers, be sure to add those into yours.   

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