5 Recession-Proof Hiring Strategies

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5 Recession-Proof Hiring Strategies

Your hiring strategy has more of an impact on your business than you may realize. Not having the right team at hand can cripple your company’s productivity. During a recession like this world has seen in 2020, it is crucial to be sure you are during everything you can to improve your processes. The following five recession-proof hiring strategies have stood the test of time. You may find they can be helpful during the pandemic as well.  

Build a Plan Now  

You should have an emergency plan in place for the next recession now. Without a recovery plan, many businesses do not reopen. The COVID-19 pandemic and recession that has followed have forced many businesses to close their doors. Take notes on what went well and what failed this time and put a plan together for what you should do in the event the economy collapses.   

When it comes to hiring, consider how you can best decrease your costs. Develop a plan for what may happen to your staff if you were to lose 20% of your current business. Determine what positions can be altered or eliminated.   

Create a Brand People Gravitate Towards 

Put work into creating an employer brand in addition to your consumer brand. What your employees and potential candidates have to say about your company is important. If you want to continue to be an employer that candidates look to during a recession, be sure to keep communication open. Responsiveness during uncertain times makes an employer more attractive to a potential employee.   

Additionally, make sure your website is up to date. Ensure that all lines of communication are clear and open. Make it easy for potential candidates to reach out to you through various channels.  

View Your Business From a New Angle  

See how your business can be more efficient. Put time into considering how each position performs its role within the company. Think about how that has directly led to business development and profit. If the position or activity can be outsourced or eliminated, it may be worth noting in the event you need to downsize operations.   

On the same note, you can reconsider how your business is contributing to the community or the industry at large. Is there something new you can be offering in the new economy? Can you bring additional value to your company or departments within your company?   

Adopt a Flexible Hiring Strategy 

Flexible hiring means that you can allow flexibility for your staff in various ways. Some companies offer flexibility by allowing their employees to work remotely. Others can serve up flexibility by having some contract and temporary workers who they rely on to fill in the gaps when their full-time team needs a break. This includes everything from help with projects to filling in for staff members while they are out on vacation.  

While this may seem like something that costs more money upfront, it will help improve retention rates. Employing a flexible hiring strategy will also prevent your current team from burning out on the work. It is a way to ensure your key team players will be able to perform at their best when your business really needs it.  

Discover a Reliable Pipeline for Top Talent

Identify high-quality channels of potential candidates. Many companies work with staffing or recruitment agencies to assist them through the hiring process. Some employers may also find that social media networks or niche websites may also be a good source of quality candidates. Whatever the source may be for your business, find a reliable pipeline of talent in your industry, and make it an integral part of your hiring process.  

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