First Mover Advantage: How to Find Top Talent as the Economy Recovers

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First Mover Advantage: How to Find Top Talent as the Economy Recovers

Slowly but surely, people will be returning to work and the economy will begin to move again. As the economic rebound happens, everyone will be looking for employees they let go or furloughed. To get a head start, here are some tips to help you find top talent.

Available Talent Will Be Different

There is a higher level of available talent as a whole, but it may not be what you’re looking for specifically. There are certain industries, like many tech industries, that have grown through the pandemic and their talent pools are flourishing. Some companies still are not in the position to begin rehiring.

However, it is important to prep yourself for the limited, or expanded, amount of talent available in your industry at this time. Getting access to top talent may be more work than usual because people are less willing to leave their jobs. Find what you can offer to get the talent you are searching for.

Remote Work Will Expand Your Talent Pool  

Offering remote work in positions where it makes sense can expand your reach as far as candidates go too. The shift to remote work can actually open up a lot of opportunities for employers and employees alike.

From a hiring standpoint, you can get access to top talent you may have not otherwise been in contact with. Any time a hiring manager is open to a remote worker, the potential candidates for the job immediately increase. Of course, more access to candidates will also give you access to top talent.

Use Technology to Engage Candidates

In this day and age, you need to utilize technology to engage potential candidates. Be sure your recruiting and hiring managers are comfortable with using technology to communicate. Make sure that digital communication with your company is easy for potential candidates too. This will help your chances of landing top talent.

It is also a good idea to continue to train and educate your team on new, upcoming technology arising in the industry. Because the way we work with one another has changed, there will likely be a lot of new technology developed to help with the changes. Focus on creating the best virtual experience possible.

Focus on Building Trust

Now, more than ever, it is important to establish trust with your employees and potential candidates. Throughout the pandemic, job seekers felt it was important to feel confident in the organization as a whole. Because of this, you need to display that healthy, security, and safety are of high importance to your business. This will instill a sense of trust in the candidate.

Work With a Staffing Agency

As mentioned above, your talent pool will likely be larger than ever. That doesn’t make hiring any easier. Many people are reconsidering their jobs and approaches to business. Now is a good time to assess your recruiting and hiring strategy.

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