5 Reasons Now is the Best Time for a Temp-to-Perm Job

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5 Reasons Now is the Best Time for a Temp-to-Perm Job

Temp jobs may not be desirable to many people. It doesn’t offer much security and it can be a lower salary than you may be used to. However, right now is the best time to look for a temp-to-permanent position. Here are a few reasons why you should be hooking onto a company now.

Get a Feel for the Culture

When you take on a full-time or permanent position. It is a good idea to get a good feel for the overall company culture. Working as a temp can help you can an idea of whether or not you would be a good fit within the culture. This will help you really land a job you enjoy and provide you with a healthy, productive work environment.

Become an Asset

In most cases, companies are hiring temporary employees to fill in gaps or assist with growth. Now, many businesses will be using temp workers to transition back into full-time staff. If you are brought on as a temp. It is a great opportunity to display your skills and make yourself an asset to the company. Even if you are only initially brought on at a project level, proving your skills can lead to more work. Which could eventually lead to a permanent position.

More Companies Are Investing in Training

Now, more than ever, companies are investing more in training and onboarding. This means as a temp employee you may be able to increase, or at least brush up on, your skills. Once they have spent time and money on training, it is more likely you will be promoted into a full-time job. Even if they don’t offer you a permanent job, you will have additional experience to add to your resume and a good reference.

Showcase Your Talents

Working in a temp position gives you a chance to show off your talents and make a good impression. When the time comes to hire more full-time staff, this will make it more likely that you will be considered for the promotion. During this time, you can also ask for feedback about your work and get a good idea of where you stand.

Take Notes

Last, but not least, taking on a temp-to-perm position can allow you the opportunity to take a few notes about the position and company. You can get a feel for the skills you have and what you still need to improve upon. It also gives you the opportunity to get a feel for what you are looking for in an employer as well.

Have a Good Relationship With Your Recruiting Firm

If you decide to work with a staffing firm to find a temp-to-perm position, be sure to keep communication up-to-date. Let them know you are open to temp offers. You should also be sure to keep your resume and skillset updated as well. This will give them everything they need to help get you placed in a job.

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