Make Your Own Luck by Partnering with a Staffing Agency to Find a Job You Love

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Make Your Own Luck by Partnering with a Staffing Agency to Find a Job You Love

There are droves of people out of work or laid off right now, and the job market is changing every day. It may feel like a stroke of luck if you’re able to land an interview. Finding a job has nothing to do with luck though. Instead, it’s about working with the right people. Here is how partnering with a staffing agency can help you find a job you really love.

Talk About Your Goals

When you partner with a staffing agency to find new work, it gives you the opportunity to discuss your career goals and aspirations with someone. A recruiter can take your long-term goals and identify what jobs or companies may be a good fit for you. For example, if your goal is to eventually work your way up in a company.  You wouldn’t want to seek a position with no upward mobility.

Recruiters at staffing agencies have information about available positions and company culture that will align with your values. This can be a great tool in finding a job where you will truly thrive and grow.

Be Responsive

Partnering with a staffing agency is a great idea, but it still takes some work to establish a relationship with recruiters. You must be responsive and reply in a timely manner. In some cases, there may be a number of people in line for consideration, so if they don’t hear from you, they will move on. Additionally, your communication with recruiters depicts what your communication style is in general. This will also determine what companies or positions you’ll be a good fit for.

Go Over Your Resume

Another great perk of working with a staffing agency is it gives you a chance to review your resume with a professional familiar with the industry. This means they are familiar with what organizations in your specific industry are looking for.  They can give you tips on what skills are best to showcase and what experience you should highlight. Once they’ve combed through your resume, they can also suggest adding additional materials, such as work samples or a link to your portfolio.

Get Insider Information

Not only will your recruiter have information about what top companies in the industry are looking for, but you will gain more insight into the companies themselves. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about the company culture to determine if you will be a good fit or comfortable in the organization. It is also possible to learn about the company size, the team you’d be working with, and other “insider” information that you wouldn’t normally have.

Receive Access to More Potential Opportunities

You are also more likely to land a job you love with a staffing agency because they have access to more opportunities than you may have considered. Recruiters also specialize in identifying positions that are a good match for your skills set and experience. So, there may even be positions you haven’t considered before that may come up in discussion.

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