Spring Cleaning: 7 Tips to Spruce Up Your Resume

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Spring Cleaning: 7 Tips to Spruce Up Your Resume

When you think of spring cleaning, it is not often you think about work or job applications. However, you can use the springtime and the idea of spring cleaning to hone in on the skills you should highlight to get the position you are looking for. Here are a few tips for job seekers to help spruce up their resumes this spring.

1. Cut Down the Page Count

If you have a long-winded resume, you need to trim the page count down. Ideally, your resume will be two pages, maximum. In general, employers don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes examining your resume. So, anything more than two pages will likely get ignored. To trim your resume, use shorter sentences and bullet lists to highlight skills and experience. Cutting down the information you include will help your potential employer identify your top skills with fewer distractions.

2. Use Tasks and Skills to Highlight Your Accomplishments

A skills list is a good way to highlight what you are able to do, but be sure you tie them to tasks and accomplishments. For instance, problem-solving is often a skill many employers look for in a candidate. Instead of just listing problem-solving as a skill on your resume, provide examples of how you have used it in previous positions and what the results were.

3. Get Rid of the Objective

Resume objectives are outdated. At one time, this statement was front-and-center for the employer to see. In place of the objective, which typically sums up career goals, consider adding a tagline under your name or a quick professional summary. This will help you stand out and make your resume more memorable.

4. Erase Outdated Information

The experience listed on your resume should not go back any further than 10 to 15 years. For professionals who have decades of experience, this can be difficult. It is safe to say you can probably cut out the information you have included from your early career days and any school-age accomplishments.

5. Ensure the Experience is Relevant

Many people like to include volunteer work and other small experiences in their resumes. These can be great things to add, but they need to be relevant to your overall career goals. The only reason something should be included in your resume is if it is directly relevant to the position you are currently applying for.

6. Switch Up the Design

Another way you can spruce up your resume is by switching up the design. It is fairly easy to make your resume look sleeker and organized by making a few basic design changes. Be sure your resume has plenty of white space and uses 11 point sans-serif font. Also, use bullet points to make the information more easily digestible.

7. Ask for a Second Opinion

Having someone else take a look at your resume is never a bad idea. You may consider asking a colleague or friend whose professional opinion you value to examine your resume. This can give you an idea of additional things you may want to add or clean up.

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