Here’s How Ghosting a Job Could Hurt You in the Long Run

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Here’s How Ghosting a Job Could Hurt You in the Long Run

It’s a small world, and if you don’t show up to a job without an explanation, it could potentially hurt your job search down the road. Employers talk to one another, and when you just don’t show up, it will be known. Here are a few things to consider before you ghost a job.

Trends in Ghosting a Job During the Hiring Process

When it comes to ghosting a job interview or even the first day, around 18% of job seekers have admitted to disappearing during the hiring process. Eighty-three percent of employers say they have been ghosted during a job interview or during the hiring process. So, there is no doubt there is an alarming trend occurring here. However, ghosting a job could really wind up hurting you in the long-run.

How It Can Hurt You

Job seekers can really hurt their chances of finding employment by ghosting a potential employer. Of course, when you ghost an employer, you will no longer be considered for positions within that organization, now or in the future. If this is a larger company within your industry, this can really hinder your career progress.

Employers also talk to one another. So, when you leave one company high-and-dry, the other organizations in your industry will likely know about it. This can put your efforts to find new jobs or further your career to a halt. Don’t make this mistake! Here are some tips to help you avoid ghosting employers and communicate effectively.

Tips to Avoid Ghosting Employers

There are several reasons someone may ghost a job during the hiring process. You may have found another better-suited position, lost interest, or need different benefits than what the employer is offering.

Even if you are no longer interested in the position, there are things you can do to avoid ghosting a job interview or employer during the hiring process. If you do not think the position is a good fit or found other work, communication is key. Reach out to the point-of-contact you have been talking to with the company and let them know you are no longer interested.

You should also take a moment to explain why. If the company culture isn’t a good fit for your personal needs, let them know that and be clear about what you are looking for. Similarly, if you are looking for more money, benefits, or other perks, let them know that as well. Communicating your desires can let them know why you are not moving forward with their company.

If you have already found another position and are no longer searching for a job, contact any employers you have been interviewing with and let them know. This small courtesy will help your reputation as an employee within the industry. Plus, who knows when you might want to interview with them again down the road.

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