Here’s Why Now is a Great Time to Change Careers as an Hourly Worker

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Here’s Why Now is a Great Time to Change Careers as an Hourly Worker

While the pandemic has slowed a lot of industries down, it has created new job opportunities for some workers. For this reason, many people are shifting directions in their careers. They are moving towards where the jobs are available rather than where they have the most experience.  For example, many hospitality workers have been laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, but sanitation and cleaning jobs are on the rise. As an hourly worker, now may be a great time to switch gears and set your sights on a new career. Here is why.

Increased Numbers of Online Classes Available

Now more than ever, online classes are accessible. You can start building up transferable skills while you are at home conducting your job search. If you have always wanted to learn a certain skill or seek out employment in a specific industry, these classes give you the perfect way to increase your knowledge on the subject.

You can also focus on building up skills you can use in multiple jobs like project management skills and internal communications systems. These types of skills easily transfer across different industries.

Networking At An All-Time High

On top of there being plenty of ways to continue your education in the current environment, networking is also at an all-time high. During the pandemic, people were looking for ways to connect with one another on personal and professional levels. This gives hourly workers a chance to get to know people in their respective line of work.

It can also help you get a feel for what each industry is looking for in an ideal candidate. In some cases, the network you have built may even lead you to job openings and interviews.

Flexibility is Increasing

The age of nine-to-five hasn’t completely disappeared, but many employers are looking for applicants who are willing to be more flexible. This means being flexible in terms of the hours and days you might work and being flexible in your role within a company. In many cases, people are beginning to work in industries they may have never considered before.

Tech services, entertainment, healthcare, and online education are all expanding right now. So, even if you’ve never worked in those areas before, it is time to begin looking that way for job openings. You can repackage your current skill set to fit the job at hand.

More Fulfilling Careers

Another key reason right now is a great time to change careers is that people are looking for more fulfilling roles. Employees want to work in jobs where they feel like they are truly making a difference. So, many people are looking to make career changes into industries or positions they may not have worked in before, making it the perfect time for you to do it as well.

Work With a Staffing Firm

Now is the best time to start working with a staffing firm as well. If you are looking for work and need to figure out how to market yourself for a new career, staffing professionals can assist you in finding a job where you can thrive.

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