Early Mover Advantage: Find a Job You Love Before Unemployment Benefits Run Out

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Early Mover Advantage: Find a Job You Love Before Unemployment Benefits Run Out

There are certain advantages to moving early when it comes to just about anything. This is especially true when it comes to your job search. Right now, unemployment benefits are starting to run out, and more people are hitting the pavement, so to speak. That makes now a great time to find a job you love in an area that has high demand, like manufacturing. Here are some benefits of moving forward with your job search sooner rather than later.

Get the First Pick

When you set out on your job search before other workers in your industry, you essentially get “first dibs” on the available jobs and employers. In manufacturing, you may get the benefit of having more time to research the companies hiring and get to know more about the culture before committing to a new job. You can also consider taking on a temp-to-hire position to get a feel for the work and company as a whole. Either way, getting a head start in this sense is a great advantage to have.

High Demand

Manufacturing employees are in high demand, making it easier for you to negotiate your terms, especially if you move in early. Even if you haven’t worked in manufacturing before, entry-level positions are plentiful. No matter what your skill level may be, there is likely an open position available for you as long as you start looking early enough. This will give you the ability to discover where you might flourish in the industry and nail down a position with the benefits you desire.

Plenty of Open Positions

Right now, there are a ton of open manufacturing positions. As mentioned above, no matter your skill level, there is likely an open position that will fit the bill. Many employers are searching for entry-level employees and workers who are willing to learn on the job. So, not only will there be a position open for you to apply to, but you will also be able to learn valuable skills and potentially move up in the company.

Earn More Money

Manufacturing positions offer higher pay than many other industries, especially if you are moving from food service or retail. The average starting salary for entry-level manufacturing workers is above $15 per hour. Most employers also offer regular pay increases based on performance and skills learned. As you continue learning and working in the industry, the more money you will make. There are also typically bonuses and other perks to be had when you enter manufacturing as well.

More Employee Incentives

Employers are giving out more incentives than normal to help staff their companies. For instance, many businesses are offering signing bonuses and increased benefits to attract talent to apply. Things like signing bonuses are only typically offered for set periods of time. So, getting the early mover advantage will help you land some of those perks.

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