Want to Earn More Money? Now is a Great Time to Find a Better Paying Job!

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Want to Earn More Money? Now is a Great Time to Find a Better Paying Job!

Now is a great time to find a better-paying job, especially if you are looking in the manufacturing or light industrial sector. Employers are offering higher pay, better benefits, and even sign-on bonuses to attract top talent to their organizations. Here are a few reasons now may be the best time to look for a new job.

More Competitive Wages

Employers are offering more competitive wages than ever before to attract candidates. This is because many people were able to collect unemployment during the pandemic, making the return to work hard for many. However, the increased wages and other perks they are offering are making the return a bit more enticing. In the manufacturing and light industrial sectors, employers are offering 11% more in wages than they did last year.

Better Employee Benefits

On top of increased wages, employers are also serving up better employee benefits. The pandemic made many people realize what they wanted from their employers, and that included better healthcare, more paid time off and other perks. So, employers have been looking into what they can offer their staff to meet their needs in terms of benefits packages. Some companies are offering more PTO and paid mental health days. Others are offering financial assistance in the form of counseling or even student loan payback help.

Sign-On Perks

Benefits and wages aside, many employers are also trying to attract more people to apply to their companies with sign-on bonuses and perks. In some cases, this may be a one-time bonus when you accept the job offer. Other employers may pay your sign-on bonus over the span of several months as you get acclimated to the job and company culture. Either way, it’s more money in your pocket.

Increased Flexibility

Employers are also offering more flexibility for workers than they have traditionally. For some candidates, this may be better than higher wages. In some cases, employers are allowing their staff to pick their own schedules, work from home, or work around their kids’ schedules. While this won’t necessarily help you earn more money, it will help you establish a better work-life balance.

Industries in High Demand

Candidates looking for work may consider shifting their gaze to the manufacturing and light industrial sector. These industries are in high demand and are able to offer higher wages as well as other great benefits to workers. Top Notch Personnel wages in these areas have appreciated by 11% so far this year and 19% over the last two years. Not to mention, many of these companies are offering other great perks, like sign-on bonuses and regular pay increases.

Emerging Industries

On top of that, there are new jobs in the airline business and other growing industries right now. There are more jobs available in these growing sectors, and they are paying more because they are in such high demand. In Wichita, Spirit Aerosystems is planning to hire 4,600 workers by the end of 2024. Keeping an eye on these industries can help you identify where you want to move with your career to earn more money.

We Can Help You Get Your Foot in the Door

Candidates who are searching for work in manufacturing or light industrial companies can increase their chances of success by working with a staffing agency. Top Notch Personnel specializes in placing candidates in positions with companies where they will flourish.