Here’s How Ghosting Can Have a Scary Impact on Your Career in the Future

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Here’s How Ghosting Can Have a Scary Impact on Your Career in the Future

If you are engaged by a potential employer, the best thing you can do is communicate. Even if you are not interested or you wind up taking another job, ghosting them is not the answer. The same can be said of staffing agencies, like Top Notch Personnel. When you ghost an agency you are ghosting their 100+ clients, not just one company. Eventually, word will get out that you are not a reliable candidate. Here are a few more reasons to avoid ghosting anyone in your job search.

It Burns Bridges

There is no better way to burn a professional bridge than ghosting an employer or interview. Employers remember who has ghosted them. So, in the future, if a position opens up that you are interested in, the chances of you getting a call are slim if you stood them up. Not to mention, you never know who you might wind up working with in the future. You may encounter an employer you ghosted in a panel interview in a few years. Believe it or not, they’ll remember your name and how you didn’t show up.

HR Databases Exist

Company human resources departments communicate with one another within the industry. HR databases exist. So, word will get around that you are not a reliable candidate, which translates into not being a reliable employee. On top of that, if you are on popular social media sites like LinkedIn, it doesn’t take much for an employer to figure out you just simply ghosted them. You won’t build a successful network that way.

Your Reputation Will Take a Hit

With HR databases and word of mouth in mind, your professional reputation can take a huge hit if you start ghosting employers and agencies. It is common courtesy to let the employer know you are no longer interested. You will come off as a poor communicator, unreliable, and inconsiderate. After all, you are wasting people’s time when you ghost an employer after you’ve submitted an application. They’ve taken time and resources to review what you’ve sent in and instead of replying, you disappear.

Communicate Instead

Even if you feel it may be awkward, communicate! Whether you’ve found another job or you simply aren’t interested in the position they are offering, communication is key. This will let them know where they stand with you and enable them to focus and move forward with other candidates. Professionally, they will respect you because you were able to effectively communicate with them.

When it comes to ghosting a staffing agency, communication will also stop you from losing out on other great opportunities. If the position isn’t for you, portray that in your response. Let them know what you are looking for and what this job lacks. You can shift your status with the agency if you found another job so that you aren’t wasting anyone’s time.

We Can Help You Find a Job

Working with a staffing firm like Top Notch Personnel can put you in touch with more than 110 companies potentially interested in hiring you. Not to mention, you’ll be getting professional help in finding a job that really suits your skills and expertise. Contact us to see how we can assist you in your search.