Not Just a Job. A Career: How to Transition into a Successful Manufacturing Career

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Not Just a Job. A Career: How to Transition into a Successful Manufacturing Career

The pandemic caused a major shift in the types of jobs and careers people are pursuing. Manufacturing and light industrial jobs are hot right now. Because they are in such high demand, there is potential to earn more money than you might in other industries. There is also a lot of opportunity in these sectors to pursue a full-blown career, not just a job.

Entry-Level Jobs Available

The manufacturing industry provides employees with a lot of room to grow. With that being said, many candidates start out in entry-level positions that don’t require much, if any, experience. This makes it easier to get started in your manufacturing career. Search for open positions where you meet the requirements and research the company’s employee development programs to identify some ways you might be able to move up.

Identify Your Transferable Skills

There are also a number of transferable skills you might be able to use from previous jobs to make the transition a bit easier. For instance, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills are great things to carry over into the manufacturing industry. When you pursue a career in a new field it isn’t about showcasing all of the jobs you’ve had but highlighting relevant things you’ve done.

On-the-Job Learning

You won’t be stagnant in your entry-level position either. Many manufacturing companies offer on-the-job training to help you learn about your job and continue your education so that you may expand your knowledge of the production line. This helps you become a great asset to the business and establish a career in the industry as well. You will never stop learning on the job and continue to expand your knowledge when it comes to manufacturing. The ability to continue learning will increase your earning potential and open up doors in your new career.

Great Wages and Benefits

Speaking of earning potential, manufacturing jobs offer great wages and benefits. When you pursue a career in this industry, you will be able to reap the benefits of regular bonuses, pay raises, paid time off, and health insurance. Some companies will offer other benefits to their employees as well. So, if you needed a reason to transition into a career in manufacturing, the increased benefits and wages are enough by themselves.

Opportunity to Move Up

When you are researching companies to work for, look for a roadmap for your career. In manufacturing, there are usually plenty of ways to move up. You might even consider looking for someone else in the industry that has made a similar career move. Network with them and find out what helped them be successful in their transition. They may be able to provide you with some insight into what you have to offer and how your career might progress in the industry.

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