Boeing on the Rise: How This Impacts Job Seekers in 2022

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Boeing on the Rise: How This Impacts Job Seekers in 2022

There has been an increased need for people who can make or paint plane parts. As Boeing plans to build more planes in the first quarter of next year, job seekers can expect to see more job openings in the aviation industry. Here is how this will impact jobs in the Wichita area and how you can get hired.

United Airlines Announcement

United Airlines recently announced that it expects Boeing 777s to return to service during Q1 of 2022. The airline experienced trouble with a 777 jet during a flight to Honolulu in February 2021. There was an engine failure, which caused the flight to reroute and land in Denver. As a result, all Boeing 777s were grounded until further inspection could be performed.

The 777 is only flown by United Airlines. In fact, the airline has 52 jets, all of which have been grounded for the majority of the year. The return of the 777 to the sky will greatly help the company achieve its financial goals in 2022. More importantly, it will help them reach their goal of a 10% increase in international capacity.

Impact on Job Seekers

Wichita is home to the Boeing factory. So, job seekers in the area are in luck. Because the engine is being approved again, Boeing needs more workers on the line making and painting parts. The airplane manufacturer will be required to meet a number of regulations and be sure to address all of the previous safety concerns.

As a job seeker, working for a company like Boeing is a great opportunity. They provide stellar benefits, paid time off, and competitive wages. That being said, not all of the positions being offered at Boeing will be long-term full-time placement. Be prepared for a temp or temp-to-hire offer if you seek out employment with Boeing right now. If you work through a staffing agency, which we discuss below, you can get access to some benefits as a contract or temporary employee.

How to Get Hired

Typically, large organizations like this will work with staffing agencies to place new hires. Outsourcing is a good way for them to reduce the cost of hiring temporary or contract employees. It can also help them ensure the quality of candidates they receive for other long-term positions. So, to get hired by Boeing, you will need to work with Top Notch Personnel. Our recruiters can assist you in finding a job that fits your experience and skills. Once we pinpoint an opportunity, we will help set up interviews, onboarding, and training. There will be a wide variety of openings as the demand for plane parts ramps up, so the work will be there.

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