Benefits of Trade School Over a College Degree

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Benefits of Trade School Over a College Degree

More people have been opting for trade school over traditional college degrees, and it is paying off. In fact, certifications and licenses have become more important than four-year educational programs. If you’re in the market for a new job right now, you can reap the benefits of this current trend. Here’s how.

You’ll Save Time

One of the immediate benefits of trade school over a college degree is that you will save time. Most college degrees take at least two years, if not four. On the other hand, trade school only takes one to two years, on average. Many people take entry-level trade jobs as they continue their education and learn the industry.

Get Exactly What You Need

Trade schools focus on educating students about skills they need for specific careers and jobs. While trade jobs are often thought of to be plumbers and electricians, there are a number of skills you can learn by attending a trade school. Wind turbine installers are required to attend trade school before they can pursue their careers, for example. In the program, they are given the necessary knowledge and information they need to safely and successfully perform their jobs.

More Stability in Trade Jobs

Jobs that require you to learn a trade are typically more stable. In trade jobs, you are responding to an immediate need and your skills are in demand. Once you learn a trade, you won’t have too much trouble finding work. There will always be a reliable pipeline of potential jobs seeking someone with your expertise.

A Job With a Bigger Purpose

Much of the work is results-driven and hands-on. You will know exactly how your job makes a difference and see results daily. This is different from other jobs that might leave workers feeling like their job is meaningless. Even after pursuing a four-year degree, many people are stuck in jobs they don’t find fulfilling. The same isn’t true of trade workers.

Happiness Increases When You Do Something You Love

Oftentimes, people seek four-year degrees with hopes of making a substantial amount of money. However, studies have shown that you are truly happier when you are doing something you love rather than just making a lot of money. Learning a trade can help you kickstart a rewarding career. Not to mention, because people with trade skills are in high demand, wages are always higher.

Continuing Your Education is Still Important

Even though trade school positions are more helpful in the job market, continuing your education is still important. If you want to have a successful career, you must update your certifications/licenses and regularly update your skills. Continuing to expand your knowledge about the industry and your trade will only serve you well.

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