How to Become a Destination Employer

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How to Become a Destination Employer

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of different kinds of employment situations. For employers, the way people do business and interact with each other has drastically changed. Many people work remotely and, if they don’t, they want to enjoy where they are working. That’s where the idea of becoming a “destination employer” comes in.

What is a Destination Employer?

Becoming a destination employer doesn’t have anything to do with your physical location. Well, not entirely. To define yourself as a destination employer in the community and beyond you need to be a company that attracts people in the industry from all over. More than that, you should be the desired place to work in your own community.

To do this, you must create a work environment that makes your staff feel like they are in their home away from home. As an employer, that means putting more time into creating a fantastic candidate and employee experience.

Create Career Development Opportunities

One thing that can make a destination employer is the presence of career development opportunities. This helps them see that there is a future in the company for them. It keeps employees from feeling stagnant, and it will keep them engaged. More importantly, you will become known as an employer that invests in its employees. People wishing to grow their careers will seek out employment with you.

Build Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs go hand-in-hand with other development opportunities. If you can provide opportunities for meaningful mentorship, it can help draw in quality candidates industry-wide. This is because they know working for you will help them establish relationships that will help them in their careers for years to come.

Provide Competitive Benefits and Salaries

Competitive salaries and benefits packages will always help you attract top talent. Without offering something at least comparable to other employers in your industry, it is impossible to become a destination employer. So, be sure that the salaries you are offering are on par with other companies in your sector.

Beyond that, try to offer benefits that make you stand out amongst the crowd. Some companies offer perks like paid mental health days, financial counseling, remote work flexibility, pizza Fridays, etc. Each of these benefits can help make you a place people want to be. You’ll become an employer people are willing to travel to for work.

Have Strategies for Retention

Destination employers are generally hard to get an interview with because their retention rates are high. Your strategy for retention and keeping your employees happy will ultimately impact your employer brand and, therefore, your reputation with potential candidates. When you are able to retain your staff and maintain a good image as an employer it will help you attract top candidates. They will be willing to move to where you are for a chance to work with you.

Let Us Help You Become a Destination Employer

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