Starting Fresh: 10 Tips for Finding a New Career

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Starting Fresh: 10 Tips for Finding a New Career

Everyone wants to feel passionate about what they do. It isn’t uncommon for people to find themselves feeling stuck or disengaged on the job. Embarking on a new career path can be challenging but worth it. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Consider Taking a Career Assessment

Career assessments can be a useful tool for anyone considering a change in their career. These tests take a look at your interest as well as your skills to determine what industries and jobs would best suit you. Assessments can be great if you are feeling stuck in your current job and don’t know what direction to go. It can also open your eyes to opportunities you may not have considered otherwise.

2. Discover Your Transferable Skills

Everyone has a few transferable skills that you can use, no matter what industry or job you are placed in. Communication skills, for instance, can be used in just about every position you’ll work. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are also highly sought-after.

3. Research the Jobs That Appeal to You the Most

Take some time to think about what jobs interest you. Make a list of jobs you would like to do, including your dream job. Consider what your long-term career goals are too. This can help you hone in on a new potential career.

4. Decide If You Need More Training

You may not have all the training or education you need for your new career. Look into what the requirements are for the job you’d like to have. You can pursue higher education to meet the job requirements or look for a position that offers paid training.

5. Connect With a Mentor

Mentors are a great way to get to know more about an industry or career path. Oftentimes, they have been active in the industry for a while. They will have information about how to succeed and what steps you need to take to get your foot in the door.

6. Look Into Industries You’re Interested In

Research the different industries you are interested in. This can help you learn about whether the industry is growing, where the jobs are, and what entry-level positions might be available. You can also get an idea of what a typical career path in the industry looks like.

7. Take Time to Research Companies

Once you’ve pinpointed a few industries that interest you, research different companies in that sector. The company you work for is a huge part of your overall happiness in any job. You need to find an employer whose values align with your own. It is also important to ensure that the company is working on the kind of projects you are most interested in too.

8. Network With People in the Industry That Interests You

Networking is a huge part of maintaining a successful career these days. Most positions are filled with employee referrals. Make new networking contacts in the industry that interests you. Tap into your existing contacts and see if there is any way you can leverage them in pursuing your new career too.

9. Set Up Interviews to Gain Information

Interviews shouldn’t only be to gain employment. Set up a time to chat with someone at a company you are interested in working with. Try to get more information about positions available and what the company culture is like. If there is a specific job that interests you, inquire about the requirements and responsibilities. After your chat, the person may relay your interest.

10. Work With a Staffing Agency Like Top Notch Personnel

Last but not least, working with a staffing agency is a great way to find yourself a new career. You can work with professional recruiters who are experts in your industry. The team at Top Notch Personnel can assist you with identifying key skills and new career paths you might pursue. Then we will help you polish your resume and find a job to help you reach your career aspirations. Learn more about the opportunities available when you work with Top Notch.

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