Get Hired Faster with Automation

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Get Hired Faster with Automation

More often than not, candidates find automation in recruitment processes more of a source of frustration than view it as a way to expedite their job search. However, by understanding how automation in recruitment works, it’s possible to leverage the technology as a job seeker. In turn, you may be able to secure a new opportunity faster, making it easier to further your career.

Fortunately, recruitment automation isn’t overly complex conceptually. Here’s a look at how job seekers can make use of the technology to get hired faster.

Rise to the Top of the Pile

Recruitment automation is designed to separate exceptional candidates from the rest of the pack, allowing a hiring manager to focus their attention on the cream of the crop. Usually, it does this with a simple scoring model. By comparing an application to preset keywords provided by the hiring manager, the technology identifies resumes that align with the hiring manager’s needs.

While that may not seem beneficial to candidates, it is once you understand where else the keywords are usually featured. Typically, the words and phrases given to the automation technology are also present in the job description the company uses to attract applicants. As a result, using the same verbiage on your resume as you find there can increase your odds of making it through an automated screening.

Before you submit an application, target your resume to the job by updating the content to incorporate keywords that align with your skills and experience. That makes you look like a stronger match and could help you get your application to the top of the pile.

Simplified Resumes for Faster Submissions

When a company uses automation to screen resumes, it can actually save candidates time. Today, many job seekers think that resumes featuring multiple columns, text boxes, infographics, and similar design elements are essential. They’re more visually appealing overall, which leads many to assume that they need to use this time-consuming approach if they’re going to catch the attention of a hiring manager. However, it can actually work against you if the company embraces automation.

Usually, an applicant tracking system (ATS) that performs automated screening tasks can’t read resumes with complex formatting correctly. As a result, it incidentally encourages simplicity, something that can make creating resumes far easier. You don’t need a multi-column layout with a range of features inserted. Instead, traditional headings, bullet points, and similar options are enough.

When taken together, the two points above show how automation can actually streamline the experience for candidates, not just companies. Take advantage of the benefits it provides, allowing you to potentially secure a position far faster than you initially expected.

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