Top Notch Personnel’s New Technology Additions Allow for Ease of Candidate Interaction

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Top Notch Personnel’s New Technology Additions Allow for Ease of Candidate Interaction

When it comes to recruitment technologies, most companies focus on options that make things easier for their recruiters and hiring managers. At Top Notch Personnel, our main goal is to simplify processes for candidates and clients instead. That’s why we bring in an array of solutions that simplify hiring processes and time on the job, all while ensuring candidates have access to critical information.

Here’s a look at some of the newest technology additions Top Notch Personnel has introduced to ease the candidate experience.

Text Messaging for Convenience

Many people prefer text messaging over any other form of communication. At Top Notch Personnel, we respect that preference. That’s why our team brought in a new text messaging solution.

With our text messaging system, your recruiter can reach out via text message when the need arises. Whether it’s to follow up on your application or check in after your first day, we have the tools to ensure we can make contact using a method you prefer.

Additionally, automated text messages help keep you on target. For example, you can request an application via text message, allowing you to get a direct link in a manner that’s convenient to you. You can also schedule an interview with us using text messaging, making it easier to set up an appointment that fits into your schedule.

Easier Clock Ins and Outs with GPS Fencing

For hourly positions, ensuring you’re clocked in and out at the right time is essential. Fortunately, with technology, we’ve been able to make that process easier. We built GPS fences around many client buildings. Once you step into the virtual fence, you can bring up the app to begin the clock-in process. The app recognizes that you’re on-site, so you can start getting your time recorded with just a few taps on the screen.

Clocking out is just as easy. Whether it’s the start of a lunch break or the end of a workday, you only need a couple of taps to clock out. And again, you can do it from anywhere in the area, making it far more convenient than heading to a specific location without your workplace.

Payment Info Integrated into the App

Seeing your paystubs has never been easier since we integrated our payment data into the app. Now, employees can simply log in to the app and review their current paystub with a few clicks. You can also access historical data, allowing you to review your payment history, check withholdings, and more.

The process is designed with security in mind, ensuring you can access critical data while everything remains secure. Plus, it’s easy to use and view, allowing you to view important information whenever the need arises.

Ultimately, technology is playing a critical part in the success equation for our candidates, making all of our processes far more convenient.

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