The Changing Future of Communication with Recruiting Firms

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The Changing Future of Communication with Recruiting Firms

Few job search strategies are quite as effective as partnering with a recruiting firm. However, to find out more about available opportunities, effective communication on the part of candidates is a critical part of the equation.

Fortunately, what’s on the horizon is making communication easier for recruiters and candidates alike. Here’s a look at the changing future of communication with recruiting firms, as well as tips that can help job seekers remain in contact and, ultimately, secure a right-fit job faster.

Texting Is on the Rise

Currently, text messaging is an increasingly common approach that recruiting firms are using to remain in contact with candidates. Often, this is a boon for tech-savvy job seekers who prefer texting over phone calls. Plus, it can make communication easier to manage for candidates who are currently employed elsewhere, as it’s often far easier to answer a text than take a call from a recruiter at work.

However, candidates do need to do their part to keep the conversation flowing. First, it’s often crucial to provide your recruiter with permission to text, particularly if the recruiting firm may use automated technologies to send messages about job openings.

Additionally, quick responses matter. Depending on the role, a recruiting agency may not have the luxury of time when it comes to filling a job. As a result, they may notify multiple viable candidates about open positions. If you allow a message to linger, the odds that the job will no longer be available increase dramatically.

Finally, make sure your communication is concise and appropriate. Ideally, you want to send straightforward messages that provide the needed details without becoming long-winded. Additionally, while you want to respond to texts quickly, resist the urge to request an update multiple times a day. In most cases, your recruiter will reach out immediately when they find a good fit, so those messages are often unnecessary. Additionally, writing a response takes time that your recruiter could otherwise use to find an exceptional match, so keep that in mind.

Don’t Ignore Phone Calls

Even if texting is on the rise, that doesn’t mean your recruiter won’t call you instead in some situations. At times, the information they need to relay is far too complex to relay effectively over text. Additionally, phone conversations can cover more ground quickly, which could be crucial with some job openings.

If you partner with a recruiting firm, you can certainly let them know if you prefer to text. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect phone calls, too. Save your recruiter’s number in your phone, so you know when they reach out, and check your voicemails regularly. Then, return the call as soon as possible, ensuring you don’t miss out on an exceptional opportunity.

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