Don’t Ghost Your Recruiter! Why Breaking Communication Can Have Lasting Impacts

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Don’t Ghost Your Recruiter! Why Breaking Communication Can Have Lasting Impacts

While the term “ghosting” was once solely applied to the dating world, it’s now used to describe any kind of sudden, unexplained end to communication with someone. While there are scenarios where abruptly cutting off contact may make sense, ghosting a recruiter typically isn’t a smart move.

Ultimately, ghosting a recruiter comes with unique risks, both short- and long-term. If you’re wondering how ghosting a recruiter can have lasting impacts on your career, here’s what you need to know.

Severing Valuable Relationships

First and foremost, a strong relationship with a recruiter isn’t just something that can help you advance your career today; it may allow you to continue moving up at a quicker pace. That means a lasting benefit for your career, potentially making it simpler to grow, advance, or otherwise reach new heights.

When your connection to your recruiter is well-developed, the odds that your recruiter will continue reaching out when career-boosting opportunities become available increases. You will remain at the top of their mind whenever a job in that field opens up. Plus, they’ll know what you bring to the table. As a result, you may have an easier time working toward your dream job or securing roles with employers of choice.

If you ghost your recruiter, you’re severing a valuable relationship. Along with reducing your access to opportunities today, it could mean missing out on fantastic jobs down the line, ultimately slowing the progress of your career.

Harm to Your Reputation

Ghosting a recruiter can harm your professional reputation, and the impact is often far greater than you’d expect. Often, it’s easy to see why the recruiter may view you in a negative light, as they’re the ones who aren’t getting a direct response.

However, ghosting your recruiter can harm your reputation far beyond the recruiter themselves. If they were speaking with local employers on your behalf, the relationship with those companies is now broken. Similarly, if those hiring managers discuss their experience with others in their network, those connections may also end up damaged. As a result, you could find that far fewer companies are willing to give you a chance when you’re trying to land a new position, all because of the harm ghosting your recruiter caused.

Ghosting Is Not An Ideal Option

Ultimately, if there is a need to stop a job search, ghosting isn’t the ideal option. Instead, it’s best to have an open discussion with your recruiter. Even if the reason you give for no longer being interested is somewhat vague, it’s better to say something than to simply cut off all contact. By doing so, that creates a sense of closure, all while preserving your reputation and ensuring that potentially valuable relationships aren’t permanently damaged.

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