How to Get Your W2 Faster This Year

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How to Get Your W2 Faster This Year

The end of 2022 is on the horizon. For some households, the priority is preparing for the holidays. However, the end of the year means tax time is coming up quickly, too, and by taking steps now, you can make sure your W2 arrives as soon as possible.

The deadline for 2022 tax year W2s is January 31, 2023. However, that isn’t the mandatory time for the documents to be in tax filers’ hands; that’s simply when they need to be submitted to the IRS or distributed to employees. In most cases, that means employers meet that requirement by placing the W2s in the mail by January 31.

Depending on where the W2s are coming from and going, that could leave employees for two to up to seven days for their W2 to arrive. If there are unexpected mail-related delays, then the wait may even be longer.

Since most employees want to file their tax returns as quickly as possible if they’re getting a refund, those extra few days can feel like an eternity. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

Make Sure Your Address Is Up to Date Now

If you’ve moved to a new home in 2022, make sure all of the employers you had during the year have your new address. This includes your current employer and those where you’re no longer employed.

Without an updated address on file, your W2 may not arrive at your home. Instead, it will go to the address on record. Along with potentially delaying your tax filing since you don’t have a critical document, this can open you up to other issues. For example, since a W2 contains sensitive personal information, it could make you vulnerable to identity theft.

By contacting your employers now, you’re ensuring they have accurate information before they issue any W2s for this tax year. It’s the proactive solution, decreasing the odds that a W2 will be sent to the wrong address.

If you didn’t submit a mail forwarding request with the post office when you moved, make sure to do that, as well. While that won’t speed up the delivery of your W2, it decreases the odds that it will end up in your old mailbox. The permanent Change of Address (COA) order with the post office lasts for 12 months for First-Class Mail, which includes documents like your W2. If you file it now, it will cover this year’s tax period, and it may cover it if you submitted the request when you relocated, depending on when you moved.

If you don’t receive your W2 within two weeks of the January 31 deadline, you can contact the IRS for help. You can also submit your taxes using Form 4852 if you don’t receive your W2, allowing you to estimate your wages and withholdings to the best of your ability and complete the filing that way.

Work with Employers That Offer Electronic W2s

Electronic W2s are often available faster than their paper brethren. You may get access to the two or three weeks before you would if you had to wait on a mailed version, allowing you to file as soon as possible.

At Top Notch Personnel, our team offers an electronic portal for faster W2 access. It’s easy to use and available to all employees who worked an assignment on our payroll during 2022.

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