7 Tips to Hire Candidates Faster

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7 Tips to Hire Candidates Faster

With a potential recession on the horizon, securing top talent quickly is vital. By having a highly capable team, companies gain access to critical skills that can make weathering the storm easier.

Plus, while recessions can increase the number of available candidates, most companies don’t lay off their best and brightest. Couple that with rising hesitancy among professionals to make a change once a recession begins, and access to top talent may diminish in the coming months. Fortunately, you can hire quickly without sacrificing quality.

Here are Seven Tips That Can Get Your Company Moving In the Right Direction:

1. Create Accurate Job Descriptions

Accurate job descriptions ensure that candidates who apply are genuinely interested in the role and have the right capabilities. Provide details regarding what it takes to succeed in the position, as well as an overview of exciting projects mixed with insights into more day-to-day duties.

2. Have a Compelling Value Proposition

Along with a job description, showcase your employer’s value proposition in your vacancy announcements. Make sure that candidates know precisely what they gain by becoming employees, including any benefits and perks and what your company offers in the way of culture.

3. Streamline Application Submission

Lengthy application processes are off-putting to candidates. Focus on shortening yours as much as possible. Allow applicants to submit a resume or complete an application without requiring both. Eliminate cumbersome essay questions and use checkboxes of toggles to assess proficiency with critical skills quickly.

4. Shorten Interview Timelines

Once you find a candidate with potential, work to move them through the interview process fast. Reach out to schedule an interview immediately, as that keeps them engaged while allowing you to make decisions quicker.

Additionally, limit the total number of interviews to no more than two, and make sure they happen in rapid succession. Long delays between rounds can harm engagement and lengthen the hiring timeline, neither of which works in a company’s favor.

5. Use Standardized Questions and Scoring

Standardizing interview questions and using a set scoring rubric not only streamlines hiring; they reduce the impact of unconscious bias. Plus, they make it easier for hiring managers to identify genuine top talent, even if they interview multiple candidates over the course of several days. In turn, they’re empowered to make wiser hiring decisions in less time.

6. Handle Steps Concurrently

Many hiring processes unfold as a set of sequential steps. However, by handling certain activities concurrently, you can shorten your hiring timeline. For example, conduct reference checks while background checks are running and between interview rounds. That allows you to compress the overall timeline while still handling all of your due diligence.

7. Partner with a Recruitment Firm

Partnering with a staffing agency makes hiring candidates faster and simple. Recruiters maintain robust talent pools filled with vetted professionals looking for immediate opportunities. Plus, they’re adept at engaging hard-to-find talent, ensuring client companies can gain access to critical in-demand skills quickly.

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