Not Going to College? Wichita Is a Great Place to Live & Work

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Not Going to College? Wichita Is a Great Place to Live & Work

For recent high school graduates that aren’t planning on heading to college, finding a career-launching job is usually a top priority. It allows you to start securing your financial future, as well as put you on the path toward professional growth and development.

If your hometown doesn’t have much to offer, a move to Wichita could be just what you need to make your dreams a reality. Wichita is an excellent place to live and work, making it an ideal destination for anyone seeking out opportunities.

If You’re Wondering Why Wichita is Such a Great Choice, Here’s What You Need to Know:

There’s Affordable Housing in Wichita

Housing costs are a common concern for anyone considering a move to a new city. In Wichita, most people are pleasantly surprised by the affordability of housing.

The median home sale price in Wichita (as of May 2023) is just $215,000. Plus, the average apartment rents for a mere $832 per month. Those are both well below the national average, and that’s great for any professional’s budget.

Get a Lower Cost of Living in Wichita

Along with lower-cost housing, many other necessities cost less in Wichita. Overall, the cost of living in Wichita is 9 percent lower than the national average. That means every dollar goes further in Wichita than if you chose a more expensive city, and that’s excellent for any candidate’s financial future.

Wichita Is a Fun, Vibrant City

Wichita offers an excellent culture and plenty of fun things to do when you’re off work. You can explore museums, head to local parks, explore historic landmarks, or spend time shopping. Plus, there are many festivals and celebrations throughout the year, allowing you to experience different cultures, traditions, activities, and more.

The art scene in Wichita is also outstanding. There are art museums and galleries throughout the city, and art fairs are a regular occurrence. Plus, Wichita is brimming with public art, including the largest mural in the world painted by a single artist.

In Wichita, you’ll also find a thriving food scene. From casual barbecue joints to farm-to-table diners to high-end restaurants, there’s something available. Whether you consider yourself a foodie or just appreciate a great meal out on occasion, the city has you covered.

Wichita Has Outstanding Job Opportunities

Wichita has a diverse and thriving economy, featuring opportunities in sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, education, aerospace, and many more. Plus, the unemployment rate is incredibly low, measuring in at a mere 3.1 percent (as of April 2023). That makes it an excellent landscape for job seekers who are ready to take their careers to the next level.

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