Efficient Time-Saving Strategies for High-Volume Staffing in Wichita, Kansas

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Efficient Time-Saving Strategies for High-Volume Staffing in Wichita, Kansas

Supported by a business-friendly environment and top-class infrastructure, manufacturers and other large employers in Wichita are humming with activity. These companies are driven to success by the people they employ, and getting the right workforce means dealing with all kinds of challenges, from turnover to a lack of specialized talent.

Handling workforce issues requires a strategic approach, and many large local companies are using staffing services in Wichita as part of their strategy. When large employers establish a close partnership with a staffing partner, they can work together to create a more efficient and effective recruitment strategy. Staffing agencies in Wichita can help employers use high-volume staffing to add more workforce flexibility and make better hires. These agencies have large, established talent pools, and they use automated recruiting tools to find best-fit talent for their clients quickly. This can help a manufacturer quickly scale up or scale down a workforce based on projects, workload, and other factors.

Established manufacturing staffing agencies in Kansas are also well-versed in Wichita’s unique manufacturing ecosystem. There aren’t many cities where aerospace factories operate alongside massive agricultural processing facilities. If your local company is looking to develop time-saving strategies for high-volume staffing, you should seriously consider staffing services in Wichita instead of tackling your workforce challenges only using in-house resources. A local staffing partner can help your company address very specific workforce challenges.

What Staffing Challenges Do Employers and HR Managers at Manufacturing Facilities Face?

Employers can benefit from time-saving recruitment strategies because they face a number of key staffing challenges.

Manufacturing Facilities Face High Turnover

High turnover has always been a challenge for manufacturers, but in recent years it’s been particularly daunting. According to data from Zippia, manufacturing turnover rates for 2018 and 2019 were 32 percent and 31 percent, respectively. In 2020, that number jumped to 44 percent, dropping back slightly to 40 percent in 2021. Obviously, the pandemic had much to do with this increase, but any manufacturing employer will tell you that high turnover will definitely be an issue going forward.

Safety is a Top Concern at Manufacturing Facilities

You may not immediately associate it with staffing, but safety is a major concern for companies with high-volume workforces. New employees must be taught safety protocols, safe procedures, and potential hazards in a production facility. When there is a regular influx of new workers, it can be challenging and complicated to ensure every new employee gets the safety training they need. Even then, new workers are bound to make mistakes, some of which could result in accidents.

Workforce Planning and Scheduling

With the goal of minimizing costs and optimizing value, large employers have a massive task on their hands when it comes to workforce planning and scheduling. If staffing levels are inadequate, a company will have difficulty meeting demand and could be forced into paying significant overtime to its employees. Inadequate staffing levels could also mean missed opportunities and limited growth potential. On the other hand, excessive staffing levels could lead to cost overruns, damaging the bottom line.

Challenge of Recruiting Manufacturing Talent

In a National Association of Manufacturers survey for the fourth quarter of 2022, more than 75 percent of manufacturing leaders said their top challenge was attracting and keeping quality employees. That should come as no surprise to anyone in the industry. While manufacturing recruiting has had a tough go of it for many years, the post-pandemic landscape looks even more daunting.

How Can a Staffing Agency in Wichita, Kansas, Streamline High-Volume Staffing for Manufacturing Facilities?

An effective way to meet the various challenges manufacturers face when using a high-volume staffing model is to streamline the talent acquisition pipeline. There are a number of different ways this can be done, including establishing a close relationship with the staffing partner, using that relationship to develop comprehensive job profiles, and more.

Staffing Agencies Establish a Close Relationship with Manufacturers in Wichita

When local companies use staffing services in Wichita, it allows them to establish a close working relationship that expedites the hiring process. This can be particularly valuable in high-volume staffing situations.

A close working relationship is essential to strong communication. For example, recruiters do a better job when they get timely candidate feedback. Promising candidates can be quickly notified and kept from looking elsewhere for a different opportunity. If a manufacturer isn’t happy with the candidates they are presented with, strong communication between the manufacturer and the staffing provider can help them quickly pivot their approach and prevent a better slate of candidates.

When companies can establish a close working relationship, it also helps to keep agency recruiters fully engaged. This is especially critical if recruiters are providing services to several different clients. A close relationship helps to keep your filling your open positions a top priority.

Manufacturing Staffing Agencies Create a Comprehensive Job Profile of Common Manufacturing Roles

When a job profile is poorly written, it can bring an entire hiring process to a standstill. Or even worse, it can significantly increase the chances of a bad hiring decision. Some common mistakes that are made when writing a job profile include over-inflating the qualifications for the role, using biased language that is off-putting to women or people of color, and using language that doesn’t project your company values or work environment.

A strong working relationship between a manufacturer and staffing provider can help to avoid these mistakes when writing a profile or identifying problematic language in job profiles that already exist. Staffing agencies in Wichita can’t provide a great outside perspective regarding job profiles. They also work with many different companies and can bring a broad wealth of knowledge to this area.

Staffing Agencies Have Automated Pre-Screening Tools

Automation and AI continue to disrupt almost every industry, and the staffing industry is no exception. When it comes to streamlining high-volume staffing and recruitment, the features that these tools offer are invaluable, making recruiters more efficient than ever. These features include:

  • Candidate sourcing. AI-powered tools allow recruiters to source candidates from various channels, including professional networks, job boards, and social media. This functionality can significantly streamline a hiring process and help recruiters recognize qualified candidates that they may have missed.
  • Resume screening. Modern recruitment software can automatically screen resumes for keywords and applicant capabilities that are related to an open role. Recruiters can quickly recognize the most qualified applicants, at least on paper. Good recruiters still check the work of their AI coworkers to ensure that good candidates aren’t passed over due to bias.
  • Candidate scoring. In addition to initially screening resumes, modern recruitment tools can also score applicants based on what’s written on their resumes. Candidates are scored based on abilities and experience so human recruiters can make informed hiring decisions faster.
  • AI and automation are perfectly suited to handle mundane tasks like interview scheduling. This isn’t the most glamorous automated function, but it can save recruiters a lot of time and greatly streamline a hiring process.
  • Predictive analytics. Based on past hiring data, recruitment AI can predict which candidates will most likely succeed in an open position. This can help to guide recruiters toward the most promising candidates, but recruiters still rely heavily on their own recruitment experiences.

Staffing Agencies Have a Rapid Onboarding Process

Moreso than HR departments, staffing agencies specialize in recruitment and onboarding. Good manufacturing staffing agencies in Kansas have refined their onboarding processes to make sure new hires are given the best chance to succeed in their roles. A staffing partner can help to expedite everything from paperwork to safety training, bending the necessary learning curve and supporting high productivity.

Provide Flexible Staffing Services On-Demand

The manufacturing industry is an industry of fluctuations. This requires a flexible approach that can complicate a high-volume staffing situation. Staffing services in Wichita typically include a suite of staffing options, such as temp-to-hire and seasonal employees. These options can be combined to add flexibility while maintaining a speedy recruitment process.

The key to optimizing flexible staffing is for both the company and the staffing provider to have the right perspective. While the focus of workforce planning is often minimizing cost while meeting demand, a more informed approach is to remember that a company’s workforce is its primary source of value creation. On-demand staffing helps not only to minimize costs but also seize opportunities and enable growth.

Partner with a Manufacturing Staffing Agency in Wichita, KS: Top Notch Personnel to Manage High-Volume Staffing Needs for Your Facility

A streamlined approach to high-volume staffing doesn’t come from every manufacturing staffing agency in Kansas. The recruiters at Top Notch Personnel have many years of experience providing top talent and high-volume staffing arrangements. Our aircraft, call, center, construction, and manufacturing recruitment services have powered some of the biggest names in Wichita and beyond. Visit our contact page to connect with us and learn how a streamlined recruitment process can benefit your organization.