How to Save Your Resume to Your Phone to Easily Share with a Recruiter

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How to Save Your Resume to Your Phone to Easily Share with a Recruiter

Having your resume saved to your phone makes it easier to conduct job searches on the go. Also, if a recruiter asks to see a copy of your resume when you’re away from your computer, having a copy on your phone ensures you can send the document right away.

The processes below work well for saving your resume to your phone to easily share with a recruiter. Plus, you can use the procedures to save cover letters to your phone, too. Here’s how to make it happen.

How to Save Your Resume to Your Phone to Share with a Recruiter:

Downloaded Document Stored Locally

A straightforward option for saving your resume to your phone is to have a copy of the document stored locally on the device. Usually, this means saving it to your internal storage, though using an inserted memory card instead also works well.

You have several options for moving a copy of your resume to your smartphone. First, you can connect your smartphone to the computer that has the original copy of your resume using a USB cable. That allows you to access the internal storage of your mobile device through your computer. Simply open your resume, choose the “Save As” option, select your smartphone as the destination, and save the document.

Alternatively, you can email yourself a copy of your resume. By sending the document to an email address that’s accessible through your phone, you can download your resume directly to your mobile device.

In either case, you have a copy of your resume that’s accessible through your smartphone. Then, you can email it to recruiters or attach it when applying for jobs directly through your mobile device.

Cloud Storage with File Sharing

Using cloud storage solutions with file-sharing capabilities is another simple way to make your resume accessible through your mobile device. Plus, you can usually share your resume with recruiters by sending a link instead of submitting a copy of the document.

Precisely, how this works may vary slightly depending on the cloud storage solution you use. However, the process typically involves saving the original to your cloud storage through your computer. Then, you’ll need the need the companion smartphone app to access the document.

A benefit of using the cloud storage option is that some allow you to edit your resume directly through the companion app. As a result, you’ll have an easier time tailoring the content while on the go. Just make sure to save the updated version as a new file in your cloud storage solution. Otherwise, recruiters who previously received the link won’t see the resume version you sent to them originally, which may cause some confusion.

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