Cash in for the Holidays: Secure a Lucrative Wichita Job with Top Notch Personnel

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Cash in for the Holidays: Secure a Lucrative Wichita Job with Top Notch Personnel

The holiday season is an exciting time of year, but it’s also expensive. Holiday travel, gifts, and celebrations can come with steep price tags, sometimes to the point where it’s hard to manage financially. Fortunately, there’s still time to make it easier.

By securing a lucrative Wichita job with Top Notch Personnel, you can increase your earnings before the holiday season kicks off. If you’re ready to cash in for the holidays, here’s a look at one of the exciting – and high-paying – opportunities available through Top Notch Personnel.

High-Paying Aircraft Painting Jobs in Wichita, KS, Available Today

Today, Top Notch Personnel is hiring for one of the area’s leading employers. An aircraft parts manufacturer needs motivated candidates to paint aircraft parts. Well-qualified applicants have previous painting experience. While time spent as an aircraft parts painter is preferred, candidates with autobody or commercial painting experience are also encouraged to apply.

These aircraft painting positions are incredibly lucrative, with many starting at $30 per hour or more. Additionally, selected candidates can end up qualifying for a comprehensive benefits package, providing even more value.

The available aircraft parts painting positions are temp-to-hire. That means you get to try the position before making a long-term commitment to the employer. It’s an excellent way to ensure not just the role, but also the company’s culture is an ideal fit before accepting a permanent offer.

Currently, there are also openings on all three shifts, including days, swing, and night. However, various shifts are filling up quickly, so it’s wise to apply as soon as possible to increase your odds of getting your preferred schedule.

Other Lucrative Wichita Job Openings with Top Notch Personnel

While the aircraft parts painting positions are excellent opportunities for candidates with related experience, Top Notch Personnel also fills a variety of roles for many leading employers in the area. If you’re looking for solid pay and potential access to incredible benefits packages, Top Notch Personnel can help you find your perfect match.

Along with opportunities in the aircraft industry, Top Notch Personnel works with companies in many other sectors. If you are interested in construction or manufacturing jobs, our team works with a variety of employers in those sectors. Additionally, Top Notch Personnel assists several call centers with finding suitable candidates, and our team is always interested in meeting candidates with skills related to that niche, too.

Launching a job search with Top Notch Personnel is simple. You can submit an application online to get the process started right away. Once you do, you’ll also get guidance and support from our skilled recruitment team, making your journey to your dream job as simple and stress-free as possible.

Work with Our Wichita Recruiters to Find a Great Job Today!

Are you looking for a new job that can help you cash in before the holidays? If so, Top Notch Personnel wants to hear from you. Visit our website to learn more about our current openings or connect with our recruiters to find right-fit opportunities today.