How Staffing Agencies Play a Crucial Role in Meeting the Workforce Needs of Aerospace Companies in Wichita

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How Staffing Agencies Play a Crucial Role in Meeting the Workforce Needs of Aerospace Companies in Wichita

Aerospace companies have a tough time finding the right talent. It takes a lot of effort and a careful process to get the best people on board. 

While using employee referrals and job boards can work, it’s also a hassle. Sorting through endless job postings can take up a lot of time and energy. Plus, relying solely on your own HR team can slow things down even more, especially when they’re already juggling multiple tasks. 

That’s where aerospace staffing agencies come in handy. They specialize in the aviation industry and have the tools to find the perfect fit for your company without all the trouble. 

What Obstacles Do Aerospace Companies Face in Finding Top Talent? 

Finding top talent in the aviation industry is more difficult than it seems, even for those working in the general staffing industry. Aerospace recruitment faces many unique challenges that are just not found in other industries.  

In the aviation field, a lot of the work revolves around projects that can take a while to complete. Plus, these projects need people with specific technical skills, and the technology keeps changing all the time. This means that hiring managers must think not just about what they need right now but also about what they’ll need in the future. With all these factors in play, finding the right talent for aerospace jobs can be tough for hiring managers. 

Simply hiring any old technician or engineer in the aerospace industry often winds up being a mistake. Companies need to find the best-fit candidates who are likely to stick with the organization for the long haul. High turnover in the aerospace industry translates into unnecessary recruitment and training costs. This can snowball into outsized labor costs that don’t produce a strong return on investment. 

Aerospace companies are facing a shortage of skilled workers in their industry. There’s a big demand for aerospace talent, but not enough technicians or engineers available. Adding to the challenge, the average age of workers is increasing, which means companies need to start bringing in younger talent as older employees retire. Even if a company manages to hire a bunch of new talent one year, they might face a wave of retirements the following year. So, companies have to keep working hard to keep their workforce replenished as older workers leave. 

Because of these challenges, companies can’t afford to stand pat with respect to their workforces. Companies should be developing a proactive talent acquisition approach in a long-term strategy that will help them thrive in this ever-changing, challenging, and exciting industry.  

With a strong plan in place, companies will be able to overcome the current challenges and set themselves up for long-term success. Increasingly, the most effective workforce plans involve partnering with an aerospace staffing agency. 

How Do Aerospace Staffing Companies Actually Work? 

Aerospace recruiters in Wichita connect qualified technical professionals with aerospace companies that need their talents. First, a company will reach out to the aerospace staffing agency, possibly one with which the company has an ongoing relationship. Next, the agency will tap into its network of aerospace talent and assess potential candidates based on their experience, technical abilities, and interpersonal soft skills. The agency will then identify the best-fit talent for the job opening and screen out lower-quality candidates. Only the top-tier candidates are then presented to the company for interviews and potential job offers.  

In What Ways Does an Aerospace Staffing and Recruiting Agency Assist Companies in Wichita? 

An aerospace staffing agency supports their client company and candidates throughout the entire process to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the outcome of the hiring process. When it comes to local companies, aerospace recruiters in Wichita provide assistance in several different ways. 

Specialized Recruitment Process 

While there are some general labor positions in the aerospace industry, most jobs require specialized technical skills, and some positions require college degrees. When it comes to engineers and technicians, people in these professions aren’t even able to legally mark without proper licenses and certifications. Trade workers in the industry often have to work an apprenticeship before they are allowed to work on their own. 

The technical and credential-heavy nature of aerospace jobs demands a specialized approach to recruitment. General staffing agencies might not have the expertise for such a task. Therefore, numerous local firms opt for aerospace staffing agencies. While aerospace temp agencies in Wichita excel in offering temporary specialized talent for project-based tasks, many also facilitate full-time placements. 

Aerospace recruiters in Wichita also have access to passive candidates in their network. These are people who may not be actively seeking a new position but would be open to one if the right offer came along. This hidden talent network is difficult to access, and a specialized agency recruiter offers another point of access to it. 

Industry Insight in the Aerospace Sector 

Imagine trying to hire for a company when you don’t really know much about its industry. Sure, you might get lucky and find a great candidate, but you’d be at a real disadvantage compared to someone who knows the industry inside out. 

Knowing the ins and outs of the aerospace industry is key to finding the best candidates quickly. In Wichita, aerospace recruiters aren’t just familiar with the industry; they’re deeply connected to it. They know all the companies and key players because they’re constantly talking to people and making connections in the aerospace world. This inside knowledge also helps them connect better with both candidates and other recruiters. 

These recruiters understand the industry’s language, technology, and what makes a candidate stand out. This makes the hiring process smoother for everyone involved. 

Plus, aerospace recruiters in Wichita can offer valuable outside perspectives. Since they work with lots of different companies, they have a unique understanding of the local aerospace scene. This means they can not only help fill current job openings but also provide useful advice on bigger issues like long-term workforce planning. 

Aerospace Staffing Agencies Have an Extensive Network of Candidates 

Aerospace temp agencies in Wichita can hit the ground running when it comes to filling a temporary position or a full-time permanent placement. They do this using an extensive network of candidates that they have built up over time. In addition to knowing these candidates and their work history, local aerospace recruiters also know people in their network on a personal level. This can pay massive dividends when it comes to connecting candidates to their ideal work culture. Companies also benefit by not having to sift through stacks of resumes from low-quality candidates. 

Tailored Staffing Solutions 

Since a large portion of aerospace work is project-based, companies often require temporary staffing solutions. Aerospace staffing agencies in Wichita offer temporary employees as well as temp-to-hire options, allowing companies to assess candidates before offering them permanent positions. Despite being referred to as temp agencies, these firms also facilitate permanent placements. 

When collaborating with a local aerospace recruitment agency, companies can co-create customized staffing solutions that meet both short-term requirements and long-term strategies. This approach provides considerable workforce flexibility and prevents companies from incurring unnecessary labor expenses. 

Strong Connections within the Local Wichita Community 

Although Wichita is a big city, its business community is close-knit. Working with a local aerospace staffing agency helps companies maintain these important local connections and get involved in the community. Online or national recruiters just can’t offer that same local touch, which goes beyond just filling jobs and planning for the workforce. 

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